Spoiler SmackDown 1/28/16 [Results]

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    The following was taped on Tuesday night in Tampa, Florida.
    WWE Smackdown tapings for January 28 (open)

    * The New Day open the show. They talked trash on The Rock after showing footage from RAW on Monday night. The Miz comes out and agrees with New Day about Rock saying he had no right to disrespect him, a fellow movie star. The Usos are out next and say Miz is the only man ever to headline WrestleMania and still needs to remind people. Titus O'Neil and Dolph Ziggler join The Usos to setup the next match.

    * The Usos, Dolph Ziggler & Titus O'Neil def. The New Day & The Miz.

    * Kalisto def. Neville to retain the WWE United States Championship.

    * Highlight Reel segment hosted by Chris Jericho. His guests were WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Jericho tries to stir up issues between the two. Ambrose talks about Lesnar, but said he isn't afraid of anyone. Reigns tries to warn Ambrose about Lesnar. Ambrose said he didn't have to beat Brock and could end up pinning Reigns. Reigns reminds Ambrose he's never beaten him before. The Wyatt Family shows up. Bray issues a challenge to Jericho, Ambrose and Reigns later tonight.

    * The Social Outcasts are out next and upset at all the attention AJ Styles is getting.

    * AJ Styles def. Curtis Axel.

    * WWE Divas Champion Charlotte w/ Ric Flair def. Natalya in a non-title match.

    * Backstage, Sasha Banks said while Naomi and Tamina were great, she wants the WWE Divas Championship. Naomi and Tamina walk up saying they have her back. Banks told both she's happy they know who the real boss is.

    * Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho & WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose def. The Wyatt Family via DQ. Strowman broke up a pinfall by Reigns to cause the DQ. After the match, The Wyatt's went on the attack when Big Show came out. Big Show takes out Rowan and then gets in the face of Strowman. Harper and Bray attack Big Show. Reigns, Jericho and Ambrose all make a comeback and clear The Wyatt's out of the ring.

    Source: WrestleView

    In-depth results can be found here: ProWrestling.net
  2. Looks like a decent show on paper, I'll be watching.
  3. Big Show face turn in full force lOl
  4. Soooo, The Big Show is a 'good guy' again? :emoji_wink:
  5. Who cares? :smirk2:
  6. R u telling me that u don't care about the WORLD'S LARGEST ATHLETE?!?!?
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  7. Yup, that's exactly what I'm telling you. :Littlefinger:
  8. We all know that everyone cares about The Big Show and his multiple face/heel turns every month! :smirk2:
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  9. Prince Bálor's WWE Journey
    Destination: SmackDown - Tampa, FL
    Date: 1/28/16
    Tagline: Mauro makes everything better.

    - Highlights from the Royal Rumble are shown. Guess who won? Not Roman Reigns. Even though I like the guy, him not retaining the title is what's best for business. There would've been a massive backlash had he retained, obviously. Now, who did win, though?! Well, this guy :Trips3: won! Sorry, couldn't resist! I love that smiley! Hell, I love all HHH smilies!:TripleH:

    - Anyways... The New Day kicks off the show much to the crowd's delight. Actually, no. That was heavily edited, the boos were really loud. It was actually hilarious. Now, the world's famous 2 time champs were upset that The Rock insulted 'em on RAW. That brought out The Miz who was also insulted by The Rock. And yes, of course The Miz had to remind us he main evented WrestleMania. Out come The Usos, boooo! Go away! They mock The Miz for wearing a dress, but then The New Day say that Usos are riding Rocky's coattails and also have an allergy to gold. :lol1: Soo, The Usos call out Titus and DZ, they all get into a brawl and yes, you guessed it... That all leads to THIS...

    - The Usos, Dolph Ziggler & Titus O'Neil vs The New Day & The Miz was a solid show opener. **½
    They got plenty of TV time, around 12 minutes and delivered a solid, fun opening match. Everyone got to look good and the babyfaces win after Titus hits Clash of the Titus on The Miz. Even though I would've preferred The New Day winning here, at least none of the guys got to eat the pin.

    - Kalisto vs Neville was a fun little match. ***
    Just imagine how awesome this match would've been if these two were allowed to do their own, non-watered-down WWE style match.
    Just saying. But yeah, what we got here was fun and fast-paced match, and I loved Mauro saying A SUPER FRANKENSTEINER BY KALISTO!
    The champ retained via Modified Salida del Sol. It looked nice, as Neville tried to hit Kalisto with a Deadlift German Suplex, but Kalisto countered it and that was it for The Man That Gravity Forgot.

    - The Highlight Reel with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Jericho puts everyone over and then introduced Ambrose and Reigns, who got him a flower and a wooden stool, respectively. Then, Ambrose said that friends fight over all sort of stuff, and then he and Reigns joked about giving their strategy away and then the Lesnar question was asked. Both Ambrose and Reigns put over Lesnar, but Ambrose said he doesn't have to beat Lesnar, he just has to beat Reigns. Reigns then said Ambrose never defeated him before, and guess who arrived then? The Wyatt Family. We all know what that means...
    Also, I love how they're ignoring what happened at NOC last year with Reigns, Ambrose and Y2J and how it's supposed to be water under the bridge.

    - The #SocialOutcasts are in the ring and they cut a promo. They're upset that everyone is talking about AJ Styles and they're upset that Axel's year-long run in the Royal Rumble has come to an end at the hands of The Phenomenal one. The Axe Man called out AJ Styles, so that he could rip him apart!

    - AJ Styles vs Curtis Axel was decent. **
    The Axe Man got in a little offense, but this was mostly a Styles dominance showcase. He also got to take out all four of the Social Outcasts. Mauro was great here, and man, how I've missed heel Lawler. He went on a rant about IF IT DIDN'T HAPPEN IN WWE, IT DIDN'T HAPPEN AT ALL. And now, last but not least... AJ Styles winning via STYLES CLASH!!!

    - As Ric Flair and Charlotte were shown walking backstage, The King refers to them as 'Power Couple' FATHER AND DAUGHTER, thus making their pairing sooo awkward. Thanks a lot, creepy old man!

    - Charlotte vs Natalya was very mundane. *
    Charlotte defeated Nattie after Ric distracted her with a WOOO!!! What was hilarious, though, or shall I say hilariously bad, was Nattie's selling of Charlotte's Figure Eight. That had me cracking up, she was just lying there, screaming, and not trying to fight it off. Yeah, that really happened. Post-match, Charlotte continued with the attack, but Becky then ran out to make the save and Charlotte ran away.

    - R-Truth and Goldust had a segment again. Yeah, I'm not gonna say anything about that.

    - Chris Jericho, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns vs The Wyatt Family was the usual, cookie cutter SmackDown main event. **
    Granted, it wasn't bad. But, it was nothing to write home about. It ended via DQ. Who cares. We've seen it all a thousand times before. Nothing happened here. Now, to cap it all off and piss me off even more, the show ends with a run-in by the Lord of Irrelevance, Da Big Show, who by the way got a Steve Austin pop :Roddy: and would go on to dump Strowman out of the ring and then the rest of the family would get taken out by Ambrose, Reigns and Y2J. The babyfaces celebrate to end SmackDown. But, WTF are they celebrating? I do not know. Stay tuned for Monday Night RAW, where Ambrose, Reigns, Y2J & Big Show will face The Wyatt Family in a 8-Man Tag Team main event!

    All in all, not an episode to watch all the way through. But, Mauro Ranallo makes everything better! I love the guy! Kalisto vs Neville and Styles vs Axel were true highlights, and the opening match was quite solid. If you're looking to cherry-pick from this week's show, there's your stuff.

    Oh, and @Snowman ... If you're wondering what the hell's got into Prince Bálor to write a long-ass review of SmackDown... Here's your answer...
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  10. Really? When I get bored, I just play *insert name of trendy smartphone app here*, not write paragraphs on Smackd... Oh, right.
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