Spoiler Smackdown 10/3/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Oct 1, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    WWE taped the October 3, 2014 Smackdown episode from the Verizon Arena in Bradley Center in Milwaukee.
    Here are the Smackdown spoilers:​

    Dark Matches

    * Sami Zayn defeated Xavier Woods.

    * NXT Champion Adrian Neville defeated Tyler Breeze with Red Arrow.


    * John Cena kicks off SmackDown to a big pop. Dean Ambrose interrupts him and then they’re interrupted by Kane, Seth Rollins and Randy Orton on the big screen. Kane puts them in matches for later tonight.

    * Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus defeated The Miz and Damien Sandow.

    * Paige defeated Naomi. After the match, Alicia Fox helped attack Naomi until AJ Lee ran down and made the save to a big pop. Paige ran from AJ and hid behind JBL.

    * Big Show comes out in a suit to apologize for yanking down the Russian flag on RAW. He’s interrupted by Rusev and Lana. They hype the match for RAW. Rusev attacked Show with the flag and left the ring before Show could get up and get him back.

    * The Usos defeated Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater. The Bunny made an appearance and took out Hornswoggle, who was dressed as the Gator. The Usos and The Bunny celebrate after the match.

    * Cesaro defeated R-Truth. Truth cut a promo before the match and got the Milwaukee city name right this time.

    * John Cena and Dean Ambrose defeated Kane and Randy Orton by disqualification. Seth Rollins came down during the match and taunted Cena while Ambrose was in the ring. Cena chased him away. After the bell, Ambrose was left to face the heels. Apparently this is where SmackDown ends.

    Source: PWMania
  2. The 5 people who watch SmackDown will be very pleased with this weeks episode.
  3. Sounds boring as per usual.
  4. I watch SD regularly, even though it's shit and this upcoming episode will be nothing short of that. lol
  5. Sandow getting a nod at Sheamus? Get it WWE.. bring on the US reign of Sandow...

  6. DQ/10
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  7. ... and typical/10
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  8. No, I won't.
  9. lol
  10. Another Effin DQ? Wtf?
  11. I'm pretty sure this is both shows 3 weeks straight, isnt it including the ppv?
  12. It seems WWE has just given up on offering anything new. Same old redundant shit.
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  13. How dare you say WWE isn't offering anything new? :blackshock:

    They're innovating stuff week in and week out. The WWE Creative is doing a helluva job.
  14. I think so. Horrible, who has the book these days: hogan, Nash, Bisch?
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  15. I really hope this means Naomi will be getting a push, doubt it but i can dream.
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. The show was disgusting. It's getting more and more cringe-worthy each week. Fucking BS!

    The only good parts it had were when Ambrose was talking.
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    After watching the opening segment to try to relax, then reading what happened in the main event do have to ask one question...

    How is John Cena a babyface? Not only is this asshole the biggest heel in all of wrestling as far as the fans are concerned and how he's written to be the unstoppable guy on top of the mountain, but lately it seems like he's the most hatable person in the world in kayfabe, too.
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  19. It isn't that he's 'the most hatable person in the world of kayfabe', it's that the Universe has finally found a superstar who fits 'the bill' to oppose John Cena.
    Reigns can't oppose Cena; his personality is limited.
    Jeff Hardy couldn't because he was mentally weak and a tad smallish.
    Mysterio was small. Lashley was an idiot. Daniel Bryan is too small and has problems conveying true anger.
    CM Punk was smallish and a habitual complainer.

    For the first time, we have Dean Ambrose. He can talk, convey emotion, has size and clearly has a character and background one has to respect.
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