Spoiler Smackdown 10/31/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Oct 29, 2014.

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    WWE taped the October 31, 2014 Smackdown episode from the Houston Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.
    Here are the Smackdown spoilers:

    * Big Show kicks off SmackDown and gets a “yes!” chant going for a video that they’re sending to Daniel Bryan in support of his comeback. Show informs everyone that Bryan needs another elbow surgery.

    * The Divas Halloween Costume Battle Royal is next. Brie Bella is not in the match as she was advertised to be. Nikki Bella ends up getting the win. Nikki taunted AJ Lee, who was on commentary, after the match. Paige was dressed as Summer Rae and there was some good comedy.

    * Seth Rollins, Kane, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble come out for a promo.

    * Kane defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match. Rollins attacked Ziggler and beat him down after the match.

    * Mercury and Noble join in on the beatdown to Ziggler. Ziggler is ordered into a match against Rollins. Rollins quickly defeats Ziggler.

    * Ryback squashes Heath Slater, who was dressed as a Scarecrow.

    * Miz TV with Damien Sandow and The Miz is next. There are a lot of pumpkins and Halloween decorations set up. Mark Henry is their guest. Henry rips Big Show, leading to Show making his way out. They end up brawling and Henry sends Show crashing through the barrier.

    * Los Matadores defeated Stardust and Goldust in a non-title match.

    * Rusev defeated The Great Khali. Rusev and Lana cut promos and say Rusev is coming for Sheamus’ United States Title.

    * Bray Wyatt comes to the ring for a promo in his rocking chair.

    * The main event is Cesaro vs. Dean Ambrose in a Trick or Street Fight. There are pumpkins and other decorations all around the ring. Ambrose was great in this match and put pumpkins over Cesaro’s head. Ambrose gets the win. This was said to be a very fun match.

    Source: PWMania
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  2. Looks like Rusev is coming for Sheamus and his US Title, interesting.. I wonder if they will end Rusev's streak here or have him be the US Champion to show that Russia > US (kayfabe ofc).
  3. Typical/10

    Bray Wyatt's promo and Ambrose vs Cesaro seem like the only things worth watching.

    I don't like Rusev, but this decision to finally go for the US title is good. If/when he beats Sheamus, he may change the US title into Russian/European championship. It's got me interested in seeing how they're gonna go with this one.
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  4. Sounds like a good show i cant wait to see the diva's
  5. In my opinion they need to start switching things up and making it not as predictable!
    What I mean is:
    -Rusev always beats his opponents and insults America or makes a statement
    -Stardust and Goldust star in every episode
    -Dean Ambrose stars in most episodes
    -The Authority will beat up another opponent
  6. Without Dean Ambrose, both Raw and SmackDown would be plain old crap. He's the most interesting/entertaining guy on the show. I'd much rather see Ambrose, Rollins, Wyatt, even Orton on every Raw or SD episode than boring Cena.
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    Just watched it.


    - Rollins hitting the Curb Stomp on Ziggler, kudos to Ziggler for selling it like a boss
    - The entire Ryback/Slater segment was hilarious
    - Bray Wyatt's promo
    - Ambrose vs Cesaro was fun-tastic. So, I guess it's official now, Double-Arm DDT is Ambrose's new finisher, but it's still called Dirty Deeds. Cool!

    Negatives + The 'I don't give a fuck about this' segment:
    - Everything else
  9. I loved the show 10/10 awesome and my girl NIKKI bella did it watch out Aj lee ur time is running out
  10. I thought it was a fairly okay SD, definitely better than most of the HIAC lead up SD episodes IMO.
  11. I actually watched half of it this week, it was.... Eh, okay.
  12. @C.M. Bryan and @Z.T.O im kidding thanks for letting me kno about what i said @C.M. Bryan I ment to say the show off but said the wrong thing my bad
  13. The Bryan chants were used for Vince's WWE Network video... Fuck this company. Can't even do something nice for Bryan without insulting him, the fans and Big Show by putting the chants on that video.
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