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    WWE Smackdown TV Taping Results
    Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, PA

    * WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day kick off SmackDown. They show a replay from RAW where Dolph Ziggler kicked John Cena. They cut promos on how they've dominated everyone. They knock Philly and the Eagles. Dolph Ziggler comes out to complain about missing his chance at the US Open Challenge. Ziggler wants a match against Big E tonight. Xavier Woods promises it will be fair. The Dudley Boyz come out to a big pop and stand with Ziggler.

    * Dolph Ziggler vs. Big E is first. The Dudleyz, Woods and Kofi Kingston are at ringside. Lots of "we want tables" chants. Bubba Ray ends up attacking Kofi for trying to interfere. Devon pulls Woods off the apron but Big E gets the win by pinfall as Kofi held Ziggler's foot down.

    * They aired a replay of Paul Heyman, Big Show and Brock Lesnar from RAW, then theRusev - Summer Rae proposal.

    * WWE Divas Champion Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Natalya defeated Nikki Bella, Brie Bella and Alicia Fox.

    * Ryback defeated Rusev with Summer Rae. WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens was on commentary.

    * Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman cut a promo on Hell In a Cell and tonight's tag team main event. Braun ends it with, "run little rabbits run."

    * King Barrett comes out for a promo but is interrupted by Neville. They have a match and Barrett wins with a Bullhammer.

    * Stardust cuts a promo on Neville after the match.

    * Randy Orton and Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman is next in the main event. Lots of RKO chants to start. Orton and Reigns win by DQ when Wyatt lays Reigns out with a weapon of some sort. The New Day comes out and beats Reigns down. The Dudley Boyz run down for the save and put Woods through a table to end the show.

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  2. The first line of this show was "Did you see that? Wow wow WOWWWWWW(wow)WWW Wow wow WOW" New Day is the BEST. I can't even begin to recap their amazingness this week, from Xavier doing a Scott Hall impression, to Big E namedropping the Corre, to Xavier's midmatch commentary.... crap, I began to recap them. :downer: I want to see Savio Vega join the act. New Day rocks... spoiler: Everything else on this show is booty. Although Dolph gets points from me for bringing up his past with Big E. Holy continuity, Batman!
    Hell, the match was good! Talked up enjoying 10 minutes of Ryback trucking a dude, this week we get the better version of 10 minutes of Big E trucking DZ out of his shoes. Great! Ziggler got no offense here outside of a starting DDT. And I love New Day's chaotic ass finishes. Xavier distracts the ref, Kofi runs in, Bully grabs him and throws him out, chucks him at the steps, tries to kick him (slow as molasses...) Kofi dodges and holds the foot after a Big E smash. Entertaining finish and these three can do no wrong!

    Although... When I watched that 2002 Raw that I was talking about with @Jacob Fox , the Dudley Boyz just had this aura of awesomeness about them. They were cool and got a huge pop, and faced Christian and Lance Storm who were amazing workers, but a couple of dudes... but A: i wonder who'd be cheered nowadays... and B: wow did the Dudleys seem so cool in 2002, and holy cow do they ever seem lame NOW if they follow a New Day promo. It's almost like they shouldn't make all their characters entertaining...

    ...But since Fox is already here, I'm DIGGING the midcard right now. (Yes! Me!) Dolph hates the New Day, wants Rusev's woman and could have a budding issue with Cena. Rusev has some beef with Ziggler but also wants a shot at Owens and his title. New Day is feuding with Dolph and the Dudleys with the rest of the division saying they want a shot (good). There's probably some other overarching angles, but there's a lot going on now... hell, there's MANY legitimate midcard feuds going on right now for the first time in many, many years. Some are better than others, but still: I'm thrilled to see this!

    A few notes on the rest of the show:
    -rusev and Summer had a backstage segment saying Summer asked for Rusev vs Ryback, because if he beats the #1 contender, her sweetheart can get a shot at the IC Title. Wow! Context! More of this, please.
    -screamy inhuman stupid Ryback is da best Ryback.
    -why did Ryback go over, then? Seeing Summer disappointed at his boyfriend being a failure gave me some bad vibes. "This guy sucks! Laugh at him!" is WWE's favorite - and worst - storyline.
    -speaking of WWE's worst storylines, Bitching About Everything (you're free to just anagram that) Paige can go. "Why are they not teaming with me waaaaaah!" but LOL at "Team NBC".
    -natalya seemed a touch slow, maybe she's wearing too much. Match was solid, but no more "WHY ARE THEY PUSHING NIKKI" talk. Chick is jobbing her ass off.
    -stardust cuts better Wyatt promos than Wyatt
    -really enjoy watching Brown Snowman, screw his green self, we all like Kermit the Frog and he's green too
    -forget about what they're doing for cancer, this Koman ad is killing Roman lol. "Together we can show the world the power of the WWE Universe!" is the kind of dialogue that got his ass booed at WM

    Maybe you all would like the wrestling itself better though
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  3. Is it just me or has the nostalgia of having The Dudleyz back worn off quite a bit? For instance, everyone gave them a big pop 2 and so months ago when they made their surprise return... But, at The Beast In The Northeast (as you called it) show, the lack of pop they received had me concerned. I don't know, the crowd just seems to be popping for The Dudleyz table spots as of late.

    I couldn't agree more about the Roman thing. In a way, Roman has been blood-and-guts these past few months and now for him to be cutting Komen promos is just ugh, mind-boggling. It can hurt his character. You have Cena for that stuff, WWE!
  4. The Roman stuff is simple. Have no issue with him or anyone else - face, heel, whatever - being in an anti-cancer ad. Actually, that's great! But isn't the whole point of this Shield/Wyatts feud to make us forget about that fail of a megapush and stick him in an environment where we like him? I mean, Roman Reigns is just SO DAMN EASY to write for. If he was in this ad yelling "Lets all get together and beat cancer's ass!" we'd be like "YEAH! FUCK CANCER WOOOO!" Instead you hear dialogue like that, and not only does the guy just look so uncomfortable reading bullshit, but much like you I'm sure it just brings back memories of him cutting dumb ass promos about magic beans and leaves that bad taste in your mouth of "ugh THIS guy", when the coolest guy in the world became the most uncool because they gave him the same material as Cena. Don't be like pandering douche Roman, get Direct TV and be like a living action figure come to life. Believe That. Fistbump.

    Ya know, so much of this Dudleys thing is likely simply fan confidence. While we all mark out over NXT because they've conditioned us to have faith in what they're doing, and when they do something stupid we'll happily sit back and watch where it goes before we turn back into these jaded ass fed-up fans watching Raw every Monday night and questioning what we're doing with our lives... I mean, we saw Adam Rose debut on NXT and are happy watching all these random dudes running around the ring and the Bunny was random and hilarious and people needed to SAVE Captain Comic and things were pretty fun, then like a month later the exact same Adam Rose gimmick pops up on Raw and we're like "the hell is this" and he was dead from segment one. (Michael Cole acting like a rosebud didn't help.) Meanwhile on NXT, HERE'S RHYNO FOR NO REASON YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!... and then we watch freaking Shawn Hernandez of all people join Lucha Underground and become a quality part of the show because they know what they're doing and...

    I'm going to tag Attitude Era experts @Dolph'sZiggler @Wacokid27 here for this one, but so much of what made the "three teams" of the Attitude Era cool was that they were able to say they were cool, and we could buy it because there were enough cool things about them, and the fans wanted to believe. Edge and Christian were pulling hilarious shenanigans backstage, the Hardys were two suicidal backyard maniacs, and whenever that bomb dropped on the Dudley's entrance, they were going to deliver some justice. They committed to it, and did it just enough in front of a fanbase that was happy to buy anything because wrestling was fun and the show was good and everyone was happy... Now you stick the Dudleys out there in front of wrestling fans in 2015 who are jaded as hell and long for better days, never give us the impression that they're delivering some justice, and we just see two fat dudes obsessed with tables. Cool story bro

    Issue #2 - and the one I blamed earlier - was look at the Prime Time Players. These two crazy mofos were entertaining as hell cutting off the cuff ribs on all the tag teams in the division every week. It was funny, but once they got the belts, they started just wrestling random matches every week and became "two dudes" as the New Day became more and more entertaining by the week, and when Xavier is randomly running out during a match with a trombone and playing the TAPS theme while Big E splashes Fernando for the pin and PTP are just doing random matches, feuding them together just makes them come across as the most boring dudes on the planet by comparison.

    It's Nation of Domination heat where after they turned Rocky Maivia heel, the Rock was so damned charismatic that nobody else could get over lol

    And Issue #3 are the matches themselves... let me recap the match they had at Night of Champions

    Show Spoiler
    Dudleys hit some double team offense early before Xavier interfered to cut off Devon, Kofi and Big E tagged in and out to cut off Devon, eventually Bully got the hot tag, ran wild, then the Dudleys hit the 3D on Kofi and Xavier ran in for the DQ... Devon got the table, Xavier got 3D'ed through it.

    And now the match on Raw...

    Show Spoiler
    Dudleys hit some double team offense early before Xavier interfered to cut off Devon, Kofi and Big E tagged in and out to cut off Devon, eventually Bully got the hot tag, ran wild, then the Dudleys hit the 3D on Kofi and Xavier ran in for the DQ... Devon got the table, Xavier got 3D'ed through it.

    and now the match at Beast in the Northeast...

    Show Spoiler
    Dudleys hit some double team offense early before Xavier interfered to cut off Devon, Kofi and Big E tagged in and out to cut off Devon, eventually Bully got the hot tag, ran wild, then the Dudleys hit the 3D on Kofi and Xavier ran in for the DQ... Devon got the table, Xavier got 3D'ed through it.

    if any of those matches look familiar, it's because they were copy and paste to the point where I literally copied and pasted the exact same description. Now, let me predict how the Hell in a Cell match is going to go down...

    Show Spoiler
    Dudleys hit some double team offense early before Xavier interfered to cut off Devon, Kofi and Big E tagged in and out to cut off Devon, eventually Bully got the hot tag, ran wild, then the Dudleys hit the 3D on Kofi and Xavier ran in for the DQ... Devon got the table, Xavier got 3D'ed through it.

    Did you click that spoiler? No... point proven. And if the Dudleys are just involved with playing ring around the rosie and killing time, no wonder. Hell, to go back to NXT for one moment, there's nothing wrong with rematches. Bayley and Sasha proves that! And honestly, there might be grounds for a THIRD match here because the two matches were so completely different and played off each other - much like the Sami Zayn vs Cesaro series and several other NXT rematches - and that's why that show of a bunch of shitty promos and jobber matches feels like a synthetic, must see TV show while most of what we see on Raw - a show where they try to load a card up with money matches since they have to worry about ratings, shareholders, etc. - feels like bad writing. That's why when I see Rusev losing to Ryback, I think "Oh for crying out loud are they going to have Ru-Ru lose the next 15 matches in front of Summer to run her chick off and make him look completely impotent because lol?" instead of waiting for the next step of the story to rant about it... even though this was on SmackDOWN, the show I literally started watching because "it's easy to shrug my shoulders if things don't make sense because it's Smackdown", which has had more story development than a Raw show where Paige has turned heel at least 4 times in the last 3 weeks and now HERE they're saying "maybe Charlotte and Becky should just find a new partner?" and... blah

    Hell on the subject of NXT, Vince was backstage for Takeover - Respect... and just to clarify, I feel like if you do the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic on Raw/SD it would NOT get over. We've seen so many tournaments like King of the Ring that just bury everyone involved and so many things that serve no purpose in the end that we have to be given a reason to care about something before we do... That's part of why the John Cena Open Challenge works so well, because they've beaten it into you that when Cena yells "Come get some!" you're guaranteed 20 minutes of quality wrestling where at least one guy puts on an awesome performance and some cool story stuff will likely come out of it or possibly a debut or a feel good moment, something happy will come out of the Cena Open Challenge. And this.

    ...but on NXT, it did, in large part because we trust the show, but there was a lot of intrigue about the finish. EVERYONE was predicting some screwy wrestling bullshit. "Wow, what if Joe turns on Balor because he wants the title!" "No, Balor should join a heel group and start a faction!" "Maybe Cody and Dustin will jump one of the winners!" "Maybe Blake and Murphy will run in and give Corbin and Rhyno a win!" I - jokingly - remarked to you, Prince, via PM that "Maybe they're going to swerve us by not swerving us and have the best wrestlers just win?"... lo and behold, that's what they did. And we got an awesome tournament with an awesome tribute to Dusty and we were left wanting more, and the Dusty cup next year is going to mean a whole lot!.. and you KNOW Vince saw the reactions from the crowd and on Twitter and is like "Dammit all! I'll show you what a good wrestling show is!"

    Five bucks says there's 0 clean finishes on Raw on Monday.

    And the dirty finishes are fine, but they aren't leading to anything. We saw Xavier run in for three straight DQ's against the Dudleys and they haven't been punished, Wyatt attacked Roman with a chair and it felt like another dumb finish... during the rare screwy finish on NXT when Alexa grabbed Aidens' foot, Regal was there to fix the injustice and it set up a great moment. Meanwhile as the Raw DQ's are designed to "protect" guys, nobody gets over... while a Takeover show filled with clean finishes ended with EVERY SINGLE PERSON looking better than they did going in - maybe Tyler Breeze, but that could just set up an actual angle. We don't know, lets sit back, enjoy the show and see where it goes :emoji_wink:

    geez did I just go on one of my best rants in the freaking Smackdown section where nobody's gonna see it -_-
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  5. - Can't argue with anything about Roman. However, I would've preferred that LET'S BEAT CANCER, DAMMIT! segment without him. Cena's still the face of the company, let HIM do that stuff.

    - I couldn't have said it better myself. The Dudleyz have pretty much been about table spots since returning.

    - The thing about PTP is true, they were cutting hilarious promos every week and made SD watchable, in the same vein The New Day's making Raw watchable now. But, as soon as the PTP won the tag titles, they were just wrestling random dudes. It was underwhelming, and my memory could be shit here, but I don't remember any significant storylines. I also think the only reason The PTP were given the titles in the first place was because WWE wanted to capitalize on Titus' mega dad of the year award.

    - "Dudleys hit some double team offense early before Xavier interfered to cut off Devon, Kofi and Big E tagged in and out to cut off Devon, eventually Bully got the hot tag, ran wild, then the Dudleys hit the 3D on Kofi and Xavier ran in for the DQ... Devon got the table, Xavier got 3D'ed through it." :lol1:
    Well, that's the only way to describe The New Day/The Dudley Boyz matches. If a table stipulation doesn't get added for HIAC, then it's exactly how their next encounter will end. Lame.

    - Nailed it about NXT. It just blows the main roster out of the water.

    - "Five bucks says there's 0 clean finishes on Raw on Monday." - Guaranteed. As you said, dirty finishes are fine, but WWE spams them more often than not, instead of using 'em where they would actually be of help.

    - Top-notch rant, m8.
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