Spoiler Smackdown 11/21/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Just Kevin, Nov 18, 2014.

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    November 21, 2014
    * Triple H kicks off SmackDown with a promo about Team Cena vs. Team Authority at Survivor Series.

    * Lana and Rusev come out next to heat. Rusev defeats Dolph Ziggler in a good even match.

    * We get another New Day vignette with Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods.

    * Los Matadores vs. The Miz and Damien Sandow is next. There's more tension between Miz and Sandow. Matadores get the win.

    * Dean Ambrose comes out for his Survival Kit segment in the ring. He talks about how he got jumped when he was a kid so his mom gave his brass knuckles. Bray Wyatt interrupted the segment on the big screen and talked about Survivor Series.

    * AJ Lee came out dressed as Nikki Bella and defeated Brie Bella in a non-title match.

    * Luke Harper defeated Cesaro with a Torture Rack in under three minutes. Harper and Erick Rowan are still using the same theme. Rowan and Harper teased a fight but didn't go at it.

    * More vignettes for A New Day.

    * Team Cena cuts a promo about how they will not have fear on Sunday. Triple H has ruled that if The Authority wins, Team Cena is fired.

    * Seth Rollins and Kane vs. Ryback and Big Show is next. Ryback is on fire until Triple H comes out with Team Authority. Triple H orders them to attack. Triple H also uses a steel chair on Team Cena. They focus the attack on Ryback. Triple H drops Ryback with a Pedigree. Team Authority stands tall over Ryback to end SmackDown.

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  2. wonder what AJ Lee will look like as Nikki bella and WHAT! Cena's team fired O come on team Cena
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  3. Team Cena is fired if the Authority wins but that doesn't necessarily mean each individual member of Team Cena will be fired. It's a legal loophole.
    I can't defend the Divas segment this week.
    Ambrose was jumped as a child so his mother gave him a lethal weapon. Right. Okay.

    If WWE has made it a point to bring tension between Sandow and Miz, show some respect and have their blowoff at Wrestlemania with one eliminating the other, prior to that, at Royal Rumble.
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  4. Sandow will fuck up Miz, remember he has an ace up his sleeve.. Sandow will be relevant soon enough!!!

    As for Triple H Pedigreeing Ryback can't wait to watch that!
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    I'm sure the whole "Team Cena gets fired if they lose" stipulation will have some people thinking that "Cena Wins LOL" is the sure outcome for this Sunday's main event, but I wouldn't be so certain just yet. This is WWE Land, where people can lose their jobs in a career match and yet end up back on the show by next week. How many times have we seen THAT particular kind of scenario play itself out before? In fact, they could easily just end up having McMahon come back on the show and rehire everyone so as to cause further tension between he and The Authority for their eventual showdown later on.
  6. What a shitty, typical/10 episode.

    Can't wait to watch this! :woohoo:
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  7. Correct.

    CenaWinsLOL ain't happening, I am positive about that. Team Authority will pick up a win.
  8. I hope the "A New Day" vignettes are pretty cool, they've been alright so far.. interested to see Big E in one, haven't caught it.
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  9. Dual New Day vignettes!? :yay:
  10. They aired a Big E one during RAW... he's does a preacher man imitation pretty well.
  11. A need to find it on YouTube and add it to the New Day thread then

  12. There's all 3 of them.
  13. I was only missing big e's. Cool to finally see it
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  14. I feel like Aloe Blacc would be a good titantron song for the gang of Kofi/BigE/Xavier
  15. Yeah, they could use 'I Need A Dollar' :happy:
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  16. Or 'Wake Me Up'
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  17. Yeah, that one's good, as well.

    But knowing WWE, they'll prolly give 'em some CFO$ garbage. (shocker)
  18. Oh of course, it'll probably CFO$ remix of one of Aloe Blacc's songs :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Nah idk, hopefully it fits this new gig they're doing.
  19. Right now, I'm not so much into A New Day. But, if they turn heels later on, I'll be sure to be interested in them more. Hell, they might even grow on me as faces. But, we'll see what happens, though.
  20. Xavier and Kofi IMO are like automatic babyfaces, Big E really is the only one who could pull off a decent job as a heel.. I think they'll be a nice baby face stable personally.
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