Spoiler Smackdown 11/7/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Nov 5, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    WWE taped the November 7, 2014 Smackdown episode from the Times Union Center in Albany, NY.
    Here are the Smackdown spoilers:
    Dark Matches

    * The Ascension defeated two local wrestlers.

    * NXT Champion Adrian Neville defeated Fandango with Red Arrow.

    WWE SmackDown

    * Stardust and Goldust retained the WWE Tag Team Titles over The Usos in a steel cage match, which was said to be a very good match. Stardust pinned one of The Usos.

    * Ryback defeated Cesaro with Shellshocked.

    * R-Truth defeated Adam Rose with a roll-up after The Bunny distracted Rose, possibly accidentally. Rose attacked The Bunny after the match. Rose and the Rosebuds left without The Bunny.

    * Christian returns to host his Peep Show segment. The special guest is Dean Ambrose. Bray Wyatt interrupts and chaos ensues with Wyatt and Ambrose going at it.

    * Summer Rae defeated Natalya with a roll up when Tyson Kidd, who was on commentary, left and distracted Natalya.

    * They did a segment in the ring with Soldier Socks and Military veteran Dan Rose, about a new exoskeleton that has been developed for paraplegics. WWE is partnering with Soldier Socks to help disabled US veterans.

    * Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler in a steel cage match is next. Ziggler ends up escaping the cage to get the win and end SmackDown.

    Source: PWMania
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  2. They are throwing out everything they have after the terrible subscription numbers for the network.. from great segments throughout RAW Monday night to, now, 2 steel cage matches and an Ambrose/Wyatt segment on Smackdown. Very interesting.. even with the shitty Kidd/Natalya crap, the divas crap, and the stupid Adam Rose and Bunny shit I might actually watch this on Friday.
  3. @Shadow kudos to you man, I'm too high and drunk to post shit on time, I was looking this up literally as you posted it.

    Sounds like an awesome show though, Christian is one of my peeps yo! as much as I dig Sandow, Christian is borderline top of my PERSONAL favorites.
  4. If those dark matches were televised, it wouldn't have been a typical/10 episode.

    The only things I'm looking forward to seeing are Stardust/Goldust vs The Usos, Ryback vs Cesaro (hopefully it won't be a squash match), Christian's Peep Show with Ambrose/Wyatt... And I'd like to think Ziggler vs Kane is gonna be good, despite knowing the history of their past two matches, which sucked ass, purely because of Kane.
  5. Didn't even notice mah girl Summer Rae got the victory :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: whooooooooop!
  6. :lol1: Rose turned on the bunny? Amazing.
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  7. This is exactly precisely the type of show and situation WWE should have been putting on ages ago.
    Once their back is against the wall, they wise up and suddenly realize what a decent show looks like.
    Not only is the Intercontinental championship being promoted, but the WWEWHC isn't even relevant at the moment.

    The melodrama that is Cena/Reigns/Lesnar is nonexistent. Competition breeds excellence. Every Smackdown should be booked similarly
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  8. This is a must-see segment. :dawg:
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  9. how in the shit will that take up 2 hours. Peep show back? Dank.
  10. I suppose those steel cage matches will be fairly long. Hopefully Ryback vs Cesaro would last longer than 2 minutes and the Peep Show could last from 10-15 mins. Everything else is gonna be a filler load of crap.
  11. Finally, Adam Rose finishes the damn Bunny. I just hope The Bunny doesn't become active again

    My opinion:
    -The Bunny is just some sh*tty and crappy wrestler that shouldn't have on the roster. Just cause the gay Adam Rose had him meant good things for this peice of crap, and it is obvious Sami Zayn is The Bunny and I like Sami Zayn. The only thing I like about The Bunny is his finisher, the "Bunny Hop"

    -Another thought, they need to start bringing The Great Khali back into WWE matches, his last one he lost to the damn rookie Rusev which is just plummeting his career!
    We need to get Khali back to atleast the Intercontinental Championship!

    I apologize if I offended any Gay users out there!
  12. Khali is completely useless, he's hardly on TV nowadays, which means he needs to be gone. I sure as hell wouldn't mind it.
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  13. Im ready to watch that tomorrow
  14. Suppose you were a wrestler on the brink of getting over into the main event in a major way.
    You're booked to wrestle (and win) on Monday Night RAW the night after Wrestlemania.
    Would you prefer to defeat The Great Khali or Zack Ryder?
    The point is, as much as we'd like to discredit Kane or Khali, you cannot teach height. Defeating a giant is significant and WWE knows this.

    It's the reason every brand new WWE champion will face Kane sooner rather than later. It puts you over in the eyes of the audience that you are the real deal.
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  15. Yeah, I get the point. But I don't like that 'beat the shitty Kane/Khali to put yourself over' mindset.

    Here's to hoping that Cena will take that Kane's spot and put younger and better talent over. But I doubt Vince could swallow that pill.
  16. It isn't really a mindset.
    Victories are always sweeter when the opponent has a vast size advantage. This is the case in all walks of life.
    In terms of kayfabe, Cena is Vince's last star, so I doubt he would be the guy he wants putting HHH"s handpicked guy over.
    I highly doubt Cena will ever get to the point where he jobs with any sort of regularity (at least not on Vince's watch).

    The best way to remedy your dissatisfaction is to find another legitimate big man to replace the Kane/Big How/Khali(s) of the world.
    Rusev seems on is way, as well as Sheamus quite possibly. Even so, neither of those two are that tall.

    As for Cena, his time will come. I'd rather enjoy it, now. Once he hangs it up, people will be clamoring for one more match. It's cyclical.
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  17. Dammit, Duke. You're right on point, again.
  18. Woo! Another win for da big guy! :happy:
  19. Here's to hoping Ryback gets to (beat) Rusev before Cena does.
  20. Cant wait to watch that
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