Spoiler Smackdown 12/12/14 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Dec 10, 2014.

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    WWE taped the December 12, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

    WWE SmackDown

    * There was an opening segment in the ring with tables, ladders and chairs to promote the TLC pay-per-view.

    * The Usos defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro. A vignette for The Ascension aired after Kidd and Cesaro made their entrance.

    * Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox.

    * Jack Swagger defeated Titus O’Neil with the Patriot Lock. Titus appeared to be hut after the match but could have just been selling the submission.

    * Big E defeated Goldust.

    * John Cena comes out to a big pop. Cena talked about TLC and Seth Rollins interrupted. They had words about the Tables Match on Sunday.

    * The crowd has been dead but are waking up some for the main event. Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan defeated Luke Harper, Big Show and Kane. Ryback hit Shellshocked on Harper for the win. There was chaos after the match as the ladders and chairs that were around the ring were used by the babyfaces against the heels. Ziggler did a huge spot with the ladder, sending it outside onto Show, Kane and Harper.​
  2. What a shitty, typical/10 episode.

    Airing The Ascension vignette might mean that they'll debut at TLC and screw Ambrose out of the victory. I also wouldn't mind them debuting on their own. But we'll see...
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  3. Oh no, the babyfaces went over for the go-home. All bets are off now lol
  4. Only thing I'm interested in is the vignette for The Ascension, everything else seemed pretty much like it did nothing for the crowd until the Main Event which was said to be somewhat entertaining aka very entertaining compared to the rest of the show.
  5. Such a dogshit episode, this seems to be a million times worse than this past week's episode of RAW.

    It's beyond me why they bother filming this shitty SD at all.
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  6. I figured there would be a bit more action being the absolute last show prior to TLC but yeah totally not.. crowd reviews are calling it an extremely underwhelming show.
  7. Yeah... Shocker.
  8. Sounds bad, but at least the main event got a finish lol
    show sucks
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  9. Agreed. I'm shocked the ME didn't turn out to be a DQ Fest, just like usual.
  10. Watching this right now... Hoping for the worst, and expecting the worst. Will rate/review it later.
  11. Typical/10 episode, just like I thought. I have no clue why I bothered watching it. It sucked big time!

    - The Ascension vignette.
    - LOL. Mizdow. He actually learned all of Miz's lines this time. What a boss!

    Negatives + the 'Why God, why is this dogshit on TV?' segment:
    - Everything else
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  12. How much I liked Seth Rollins' promo. He's getting better on the mic, kinda reminded me of CM Punk when he said "This Sunday marks the beginning of the end for John Cena. You became a whisper, you became a ghost, you became a memory."

    This guy really is the future if this business.
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  13. Amen.

    Yeah, he's getting better on the mic. His in-ring skills are great, though. So he doesn't need to improve on that one.

    Too bad that we will witness CENAWINSLOL this Sunday. Rollins should've been booked against Ziggler at TLC, but oh well...
  14. Yup, would've been a better choice Rollins vs Ziggler for the briefcase in a ladder match, but in this way, Cena wouldn't have an opponent for TLC, and it can't be possible. I still hope Cena didn't win this Sunday.
  15. Yeah, Vince wants his little poster boy to stay relevant, so they put him in a match against Rollins. Well, ain't that just swell? Even though it doesn't really make sense. lol
    I have no doubt their match is gonna be good, but damn... Rollins vs DZ should've been booked at TLC. That's just the natural booking of both guys, coming off of a very hot ME at TLC. But, it is what it is. Moving on...

    CENAWINSLOL is happening 100%, bro. One thing's for certain... Never bet against Cena.

    Anyways, I haven't seen you posting up until now. Stick around, buddy.
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  16. Well at least Rollins won't lose clean, I think Orton will show up and cost him the match.

    P.S: Well I know I don't post too much, but it's kinda hard to be since the english language isn't my mother tongue. I'm from Romania, by the way.
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  17. Good thinking, man. That's what seems to be their plan, have Orton appear and screw Rollins out of the victory and then feud with him.

    - Hello, neighbour. I'm from Serbia. Yeah, English isn't my mother language, either. But stick around, nonetheless. You can only get better and your English seems pretty damn fine to me.
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  18. I'm looking forward to see Rollins vs Orton. But in my opinion this match should happen at Wrestlemania, because WM31 isn't far away. They could fill Orton's image with Kane or someone else until Wrestlemania. Don't you think?

    Oh, never thought you're not from The United States or England. Nice to meet you, neighbour. I will try to do like you said, sticking here around. :emoji_grin:
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  19. Once again, good thinking. But please, anyone but Kane. lol
    We'll see what happens, though.

    Well, now you know where I'm from. Yeah, you do that. Stick around.
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  20. How's next week Smackdown live? I heard Reigns will return there.
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