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    WWE taped the December 17th, 2015 SmackDown episode from Newark, New Jersey.
    Here are the full SmackDown spoilers:
    - WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns opens the show with a promo. It was great to win the title on his daughter's birthday. Sheamus interrupts and says he's happy for Roman for being champion longer than 5:15. Sheamus says he'll be champion again soon. Sheamus says there's some sort of investigation being made in to Reigns, so he can't be at the arena. Security guards attempt to remove Reigns, but he beat them up.

    - US Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Ryback in a non-title match. Ryback was on a roll until Sheamus, Rusev and King Barrett interfered. Del Rio made him tap out with the cross armbreaker. The League of Nations beat down Ryback afterwards, delivering their finishers.

    - Backstage, Tyler Breeze spoke to Summer Rae about his match with Titus O'Neil up next. Goldust was creeping on Summer and she sprayed hairspray in his mouth.

    - Titus O'Neil defeated Tyler Breeze with Clash of the Titus. Goldust came down during the match and sat with Summer in her VIP section. Goldust was taking selfies with Breeze's selfie stick and distracted him with it, allowing Titus to get the win.

    - Backstage Dean Ambrose cuts a promo reacting to Kevin Owens attacking him on RAW.

    - Wyatt Family promo.

    - The Lucha Dragons defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) in a non-title match.

    - Backstage Dolph Ziggler hyped his match against Kevin Owens later in the show.

    - Becky Lynch defeated Brie Bella via submission after distraction from Charlotte.

    - Dolph Ziggler defeated Kevin Owens by DQ in the main event when Owens threw him over the announce table. Owens dominated most of the match and went for a pop-up powerbomb at one point but Ziggler countered with Sweet Chin Music. Owens kicked out and then they went to the floor and the DQ happened. Ziggler came back but Owens threw him into the steel steps. Owens went to powerbomb Ziggler into the steps but Dean Ambrose came out and they brawled. Owens escaped and walked away. Ziggler was being helped to the back by referees when Owens superkicked him. Ambrose chased Owens to the stage and they had a staredown. Ambrose checked on Ziggler but Ziggler superkicked Ambrose. Owens laughed at them both as SmackDown goes off the air with both Ambrose and Ziggler down.

  2. Tell me Ziggler isn't calling it sweet chin music.
  3. He can call it Sweet Chin Music all he wants, but he'll never be Shawn Michaels. :fact:
  4. Breeze getting into a feud with Goldust?

    I see he's doing big things on the main roster lol
  5. Highlights of the episode: Reigns wrecking security guards, Berto winning via Cross Armbreaker, The New Day's pre-match promo and Sin Cara taking out Woods and Big E with that sweet dive while they were celebrating.

    Everything else was pretty much meh and boring. It doesn't hurt if you skip it.

    Oh, and KO got DQ'd for throwing DZ over the announce table. Like, seriously.

    Also... LOL'd at Reigns saying that we haven't seen HHH since he Speared him at TLC. I guess our champ doesn't watch NXT! :smirk2:
  6. same shit every week from smackdown --- only thing i enjoy was th end with Owens-Ambrose-Ziggler
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  7. Owens killing 'em on this week's RAW episode was great!
  8. yeah bro remind me of that nxt beast version of Owens
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  9. Oh, you're a fan of NXT? Sweet!

    Wish KO would use that Powerbomb on the apron more frequently, though.
  10. Nxt is awesome man
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