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    WWE taped the December 26, 2014 Smackdown episode from the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa.
    Here are the full Smackdown spoilers:
    WWE SmackDown

    * Hulk Hogan kicks off SmackDown to a big pop. He lets everyone know he’s running SmackDown for the night. Seth Rollins interrupts and says Hogan is the reason he got into the business. Rollins then says Hogan doesn’t deserve to be in the ring anymore because it’s all about Rollins. Dolph Ziggler comes out to defend Hogan. Big Show comes out and threatens to knockout Ziggler and Hogan. Roman Reigns comes out next and Hogan makes Rollins and Show vs. Reigns and Ziggler for the main event.

    * Kane vs. Ryback starts slow until Rusev comes out for the distraction. Ryback knocks Rusev off the apron and avoids a chokeslam by Kane. Ryback hits Shellshocked for the win. After the match, Rusev and Kane beat down Ryback pretty bad.

    * Hulk Hogan confronts Rusev and says he will be defending the United States Title later tonight.

    * Naomi defeated Alicia Fox in a pretty quick match.

    * R-Truth vs. Adam Rose is up next. The Bunny did not come out and Rose didn’t do his usual crowd surfing, he instead waved off the Rosebuds. Rose defeated Truth with his finisher.

    * Lana and Rusev come out for a promo. Dean Ambrose vs. Rusev for the United States Title is next. Bray Wyatt ends up interfering after a great match. They fight out of the ring and Ambrose tosses Wyatt over the announce table. Ambrose gets tossed into the timekeeper’s area. Ambrose hits Wyatt with a steel chair and Bray goes into the ring. Ambrose fills the ring with steel chairs but Wyatt retreats.

    * The Miz vs. Jimmy Uso is next with their partners at ringside. The Miz tries to leave after getting beat up most of the match but Jimmy brings him back to the ring. Miz tries to shake hands but Jimmy hits two superkicks and a splash for the win.

    * Backstage promo from Stardust and Goldust.

    * Backstage segment with Hogan talking to Reigns and Ziggler.

    * Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns vs. Big Show and Seth Rollins was mostly back and forth until Rollins took control of Reigns and had him hurt. Ziggler finally got a hot tag after getting beat up and Reigns came back in to spear Rollins for the win. Ziggler and Reigns celebrated with fans at ringside to end the show.

    Source: PWMania
  2. Seems like another typical/10 dogshit episode.
  3. Seems meh. Would watch to see Hulk Hogan and his old ass though, glad Ziggler got the win at the main event.
  4. I'm pro-Hogan, honestly.
    It's good to see Reigns back. They won't dawg him out so if Smackdown will be interesting at all, it will be because its centered around Reigns.
    WWE will be throwing out the kitchen sink to make Reigns a star, so I wouldn't expect SD to be so typical between now and WrestleMania.

    As long as Ziggler remains unsigned, he has leverage. He should wait until the 11th hour to sign or they'll just dawg his a** out sooner.
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  5. I think I smell sarcasm. :happy:
  6. Not this time.
  7. Oh... Well, that's definitely a surprise.

    SmackDown is still incredibly boring to me, with either 2 or 3 segments, (at best) that are watchable and good.
  8. Rollins pinned again?!

    At Smackdown he has 3 loses in a row, vs Ryback, Ziggler and now Reigns.
  9. Hey, as long as he has a successful cash in for the WWE-WHC, I can live with it.

    He's also gonna defeat Orton at the Rumble/Fast Lane, so it's all good.
  10. Don't be so sure. He's getting booked like the other Mr. MITBs were in the past, kinda a losing streak and it sucks.
  11. It's cool, bruh. I'm tellin' ya. Let's stay positive and keep on hoping he'll have a successful cash-in.
  12. Rusev/Ambrose sounds fun except for the crap finish. This report is lacking important information; was Scarlett a Rosebud on this show? This is very important.
  13. Scarlett Johansson? :jeritroll:
  14. No.
  15. I know, I was messing around.
  16. let's see how Reigns does. that is prob the only thing stand on SD Maybe the quick Diva's match
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  17. Yes, I know. :dawg:
  18. :happy:

    Anyways, why is it important?
  19. Well, it's always good to see Scarlett, other than that I have no reason to watch the show. Thus it would be good to know so I'd know whether to watch it or not :dawg:
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  20. Oh, I see... :adr:

    Well, I usually skip any Adam Rose revolving segments. Good to know now, though. Now, I have a reason not to skip it this time, might catch a glimpse of it when the next SD episode airs.
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