Spoiler SmackDown 2/12/15 Results

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    February 12, 2015
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    -Corporate Kane kicks off Smackdown and says since Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns got along so well on Raw this week, they’ll be in Tag Team Turmoil tonight.

    (1) Bray Wyatt def. R-Truth

    (2) Paige def. Summer Rae. The Bella Twins were on commentary and had a staredown with Paige after she won.

    -Some WWE videos aired during a short break. The unspecific Sheamus return package, and the Rikishi Hall of Fame video.

    (3) Fandango def. Adam Rose

    (4) Tag Team Turmoil. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns came out to to their expected reactions; Bryan is super over, Roman is split about 60/40 against if not worse.

    • The Miz and Damien Mizdow are first. Bryan pinned the Miz.
    • The Usos are second. Bryan submitted one with the Yes Lock.
    • Los Matadores are third. Bryan submitted one with the Yes Lock.
    • Slater Gator are fourth. Reigns pinned Heath Slater.
    • The Ascension are fifth. They get disqualified.
    • Big Show and Kane are sixth. Bryan submitted Big Show.

    Bryan was in total control for most of the match, which just further pissed off Reigns the longer it went on. Their round with the Usos went a long time. Eventually Roman turned the tables and took out Slater Gator. The Ascension destroyed Daniel with the Fall of Man, but the referee DQ’d them when they wouldn’t stop attacking him. Big Show and Kane came out last, and Show randomly hit Kane with the KO Punch. Reigns speared Show, then Bryan hit him with the running knee and made him tap out to the Yes Lock.

    The main event went about 45 minutes, so it will take up a huge portion of the show.

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  2. :lol1: Way to put over your tag division. And I thought Cena and a random dude he's feuding with at the time winning the belts was bad.
  3. The only thing worth watching seems to be the ME (so I guess I'll just skip to that), everything else is pretty much typical/10 BS we get to see every week.
  4. Fuuuuuuck this.
  5. Not even going to be worth watching.
  6. The tag team turmoil sounds pretty legit, other than that I don't plan on watching any of the rest.
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  7. That makes two of us.