Spoiler SmackDown 2/19/15 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Feb 17, 2015.

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    WWE taped the February, 19th, 2015 SmackDown episode from the BB&T Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
    Here are the full SmackDown spoilers:​

    Dark match

    * Natalya defeated Summer Rae with a Sharpshooter.

    * Fandango defeated NXT star Bull Dempsey with a top rope leg drop. Being in Florida, there were “NXT” chants for Bull. This appears to be Bull’s first main roster dark match and could be a sign that he’s getting called up now that his feud with Baron Corbin is over.


    * SmackDown opens with Daniel Bryan coming out to a big pop. The Miz and Damien Sandow are out next. Miz gets mad at Sandow’s pop and sends him to the back to get an Egyptian cotton towel. Bryan attacks Miz and the match is on. Bryan wins a short match with The Yes Lock.

    * Ryback vs. Kane is next. The crowd died for the most part except for a few “feed me more” chants. Ryback wins with Shellshocked and got a pop for picking Kane up with ease.

    * Bad News Barrett vs. R-Truth is next with Dean Ambrose on commentary. Truth rolled Barrett up for the non-title win after Barrett was distracted, talking trash to Ambrose, who was ignoring him.

    * They air a video package for John Cena and Rusev and a Sheamus return vignette.

    * We get another Bray Wyatt promo. He says, “find me or I’ll find you.”

    * The Ascension vs. Big E and Xavier Woods is next. The Ascension wins a short match after Fall of Man on Big E.

    * Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper is next. They botched Reigns’ intro by playing it too early and then cutting it off. Harper got a lot of offense in and blocked a Superman punch with a brutal super kick. Reigns comes back with a spear for the win.

    * Erick Rowan vs. Big Show is next. Big Show destroyed Rowan and got the win. Apparently Rowan didn’t get any offense in.

    * The Bella Twins come out to a pop and join the announcers for commentary. Paige vs. Cameron is next.

    * Stardust vs. Goldust is announced for Fastlane.

    * Jimmy Uso vs. Tyson Kidd is next. Jey Uso, Naomi, Cesaro and Natalya were all at ringside. The match starts but Rusev runs out and takes out both The Usos and Kidd. Rusev hits a flying heel kick and looked great, according to a correspondent. Fans chanted for Cena. Rusev yelled into the mic in Bulgarian and left.

    * Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble banned from ringside is next for the main event. Big Show and Kane come out to watch from ringside. Eric Rowan and Ryback come out right after them. Rollins wins with a Curb Stomp but Ziggler looked like a million bucks. This was said to be a great match. Mercury and Noble came out and The Authority surrounded the ring with Ryback and Rowan inside. They beat them down. Kane and Big Show hit a double chokeslam on Rowan and Rollins hits a Curb Stomp. The Authority stands strong tall until Ryback comes back for the save. Ryback gets overwhelmed and beat down. Rollins also hits a Curb Stomp on Ryback and this is apparently where SmackDown ends.

    Source: PWMania
  2. Bull Dempsey is coming to the main roster soon? I don't give a toss. :pity:

    This seems like another typical/10 dogshit episode, doe.

    I'll just check out DB/Miz, Reigns/Harper and DZ/Rollins.
  3. Truth pins Barrett hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  4. IKR. :dawg: And they'll totally job Ambrose to BNB at Fastlane
  5. Bull on the Main Roster is something I'm not interested in by any means.

    Haha, Star vs Gold at Fast Lane.. at least they're getting it out of the way so that's one match we won't have cramming up the WM card.

    I'm pretty much only interested in Rollins vs Ziggler, been hearing great things out of the match itself excluding all the extra outside influence.
  6. I hope not. I hope what they do at Fast Lane is going to cement their feud which'd culminate at Mania.
  7. Wasn't a terrible SmackDown.. Wasn't anything great either but just very.. watchable I suppose, I didn't fall asleep during it I can safely say that.
  8. A lot of unnecessary dogshit segments on the show, but still, there were a few bright spots that made the episode at least watchable.

    - DB squashing The Miz.
    - Reigns vs Harper was pretty fun to watch. Although the match could've used a bit more time. The time they wasted on The New Day/The Ascension and Ryback/Kane could've easily been given to this match.
    - Goldust & Stardust backstage segment.
    - Rollins vs DZ was damn good and fun to watch, just like always.

    - Ryback vs The Useless Turd. What a snooze fest.
    - R-Truth pins BNB. lmfao - The match was a snooze fest, doe.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - The New Day vs The Ascension
    - The Useless Junk vs Erick Rowan
    - Whatever divas match was on
    - Jimmy Uso vs Kidd
  9. Come on...SD used to be all killer, no filler* not a show where Ziggler, Ryback and Rollins only star in. You gotta stack the shows storyline if you want to remain the number 1 watched show on Thursday nights, its still number one probably due to fan kids imo.

    *Sum 41 reference :russo:
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