Spoiler SmackDown 2/26/15 Results

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    - WWE taped the February 26, 2015 SmackDown episode from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.​

    * Dark match: Darren Young and Titus O’Neil defeat two local wrestlers.

    * Dark match: Big E and Xavier Woods defeated The Ascension.

    * Daniel Bryan kicks off SmackDown with an in-ring promo. He talks about WrestleMania 31 but is interrupted by Bad News Barrett, who insults Bryan and Dean Ambrose. Ambrose comes out and they brawl. Bryan picks up the IC Title belt and handed it to Barrett but just to distract him. Ambrose and Bryan double teamed Barrett. Barrett dropped the title and ran off, leaving Ambrose and Bryan to celebrate with the title.

    * Dean Ambrose defeated The Miz. Barrett came through the crowd to get his title back.

    * Renee Young interviews Ambrose backstage.

    * Natalya defeated Naomi. Tyson Kidd, Cesaro and The Usos were at ringside and fought.

    * Lana and Rusev came out for a promo to mock John Cena. Jack Swagger interrupted but Rusev ended up beating him down. Rusev put Swagger in The Accolade as the Russian flag dropped over the ring.

    * Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett is next. R-Truth was on commentary and ended up stealing Barrett’s title belt. Bryan got the win with a running knee. After the match, Barrett looked around for his title but had no idea what happened to it.

    * Byron Saxton interviews Roman Reigns backstage.

    * R-Truth finds Ambrose backstage and gives him the IC Title belt.

    * Fandango defeated Curtis Axel. Axel now has a clock that shows how long he’s been in the Royal Rumble.

    * Bray Wyatt cut another mysterious promo on The Undertaker.

    * Goldust defeated Adam Rose. Stardust was dressed as one of the Rosebuds and attacked Goldust.

    * Ryback, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane, Big Show and Seth Rollins when Ryback hit his finisher on Rollins and pinned him. Ryback got the biggest pop of the match.

    Source: http://www.allwrestlingnews.com/wwe-news/wwe-smackdown-spoilers-22615/
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  2. This IC title booking is top notch. Apparently Barrett is going to job to the entire roster on the way to Mania and then they can have a big battle royal of Barrett vs everyone he has jobbed to along the way.
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  3. Lol @ Pretty much the entire episode.. I can definitely wait to see that bull shit.
  4. This IC belt, lol. Great champ.
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  5. IC Champs job even more than MITB briefcase carriers
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  6. Don't win the IC title, Ambrose/DZ. That shit is cursed.
  7. I will never, ever attend a smackdown show. What in the absolute fuck is the point of even having it when it looks like RAW's disabled cousin?
  8. Seeing as I'm starting to feel a nap coming on I may indeed use this episode as a way to put me to sleep.
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  9. I like the Ambrose/Barrett angle, but Smackdown is still the "Dolph, Erick and Ryback go over" show, with crowd noises
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  10. It wasn't as bad as I thought..

    I don't know it seems as if when I feel like the show is going to suck bad it doesn't end up being as bad as I thought.. I guess having lower expectations makes it that much better haha.
  11. A lot of typical/10 dogshit on the show, but still there were some watchable stuff.

    - DBry kicking off SmackDown. When Bryan was like 'NO!NO!NO!' in the very beginning, I thought 'Holy fuckamole, a heel turn?' and then the inevitable happened, the long-awaited IC title hunt. Great.
    - Ambrose vs The Miz was a bit short, but quite alright.
    - DB vs BNB was solid.
    - DZ, Ryback & Rowan vs Rollins & The Useless Turds was alright.

    Negatives + the 'I don't give a shiny shit' about this segment:
    - Whatever divas match was going on.
    - Rusev segment.
    - Fandango vs Axel
    - Goldust vs Rose
  12. Looks like a decent Smackdown that would've been better if they didn't have the amount of hours on TV that they do. Only have 2 hour RAW, 1 hour Main Event and 2 hour Smackdown on TV for the main roster and Smackdown would be full of epic matches. The IC stuff looks good, and R-Truth made me laugh when he handed the title over to Ambrose. Just lame that Rusev destroyed Swagger, who really could do with a push once Zeb is back (heck, if Cesaro wasn't with Kidd, I'd support a re-formed Real Americans push).
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