Smackdown 27/7/12 (Review/Rating)

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Rysenberg, Jul 27, 2012.

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  1. Great show for me and exactly what Smackdown should be about. Not too much time spent trying to get Sheamus over - matches getting plenty of time and entertaining segments.

    Christian vs Miz - Miz once again delivers another generic promo before being interrupted by Christian. Ach, it was a half decent end with a pretty exciting finish, there were lots of nice little reversals making the end more interesting. Pretty predictable outcome though with Miz winning due to a thumb to the hair.

    Ryback and Jinder Mawhawl seem to be starting a mini fued with the ending of tonight's match. Ryback's matches are slightly more interesting now that he is getting put under some pressure, however, how long is this gonna last for? It's getting unbelievably tedious and surely it's only a matter of time before the crowd begin to turn on him? It's hard to get behind somebody who just wins all the time. Still, Ryback's playing his role fantastically well considering how crap it is.

    Sheamus and Rhodes was another pretty good match. I'm beginning to wonder if they're attempting to improve Sheamus' cardio by putting him in long matches because it was an absolute joke. A few times - most notably against Bryan and Ziggler - he was gassed once the match passed the 10 minute mark. They're probably hoping that he improves in the ring as at the moment he's nowhere near WHC standard in the ring.

    Quite enjoying the Ziggler angle with him failing cash ins for the title. Every week he's starting to get more tempted and it's leaving me wondering whether he will wait for the right opportunity or just waste the chance. It's a nice change for something Smackdown related to be unpredictable. Jericho's appearance was also cool. I'm glad they've turned him face because he actually makes me want to cheer for him. He isn't just generic face 101, he's kept his arrogance and is almost a tweener - but he's perfect for the role because he can be as heel as he wants to be and everyone still loves him.

    Antonio Cesaro is being completely wasted at the moment. He's got the potential to be pretty awesome if given a vicious gimmick. Despite this though he's been plagued with this god-awful generic arrogant foreigner gimmick and with his dreadful entrance music. Seriously though what the hell is stopping them from calling up Chris Hero and having the two team up and revamp the tag team division? Anyway at least he got the win, and if there's any silver lining he could well become US champion - just hope that if he does it's entertaining despite his pish gimmick.

    Sandow nice and aggressive again against Tatsu. I'm beginning to love Sandow even more each week, there's nothing stopping him from becoming a pretty high level heel in the WWE: He's talented on the mic, his aggression is great to watch in the ring and he consistently gets major heel heat from the crowd.

    The fatal 4 way was just what I've been asking for from Smackdown. They have the wrestlers to do matches like this and yet we rarely ever get them. The outcome was pretty obvious IMO but it didn't stop it from being another high quality Smackdown main event.

    Del Rio was a pretty weak choice as the number 1 contender again I thought. I do quite like him but despite the more vicious side he's shown in recent weeks his fued with Sheamus has been pish poor. Neither guy is very good on the mic and Del Rio's in-ring abilities aren't on full show when he's being limited by the carthorse that is Sheamus.

    The main thing I took from this match though is that Rey and Bryan should fued. Think, the matches would easily be of 4* + quality and Mysterio could put Bryan over so so well. It would work so well with Bryan and the current rage he is in. If he just absolutely decimated Rey the crowd would obviously have sympathy for him and Bryan would gain a reputation for being a pyscho, destructive heel rather than what he currently is which leans more towards the comedy side.

    Very match heavy Smackdown which definitely deserves at least a 7.5/10. Would have rated it higher if it weren't for the persistent Raw recaps.
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  2. will read once i watched it :emoji_grin:
  3. Thank you Vince! I'm sure we're the only ones who actually watch Smackdown :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  4. Not convincing me to watch it. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  5. Good review :emoji_slight_smile:

    Delrio contender :upset:
  6. A friend convinced me to watch this, after reading the spoilers I wasn't expecting a bad show, but I didn't think it would be as good as it was. 7.5 out of 10 is certainly fair. Miz/Christian, Sheamus/Cody, and the ME were certainly solid TV matches. As for the Raw Recaps: Get rid of them now. Nobody's watching Smackdown and not watching Raw.

    "It's hard to get behind somebody who just wins all the time" :yes:

    Cesaro's a guy who's certainly something unique, but it's easy to forget he's there mostly due to booking. Ryback, seeing him get fed three would be much more impressive than beating up on Jinder Mahal. I'm still enjoying the guy, but feel like he'll be exposed soon. Sandow, holy hell. There's a reason they let him cut a promo on DX.

    ADR as #1 contender? Did WWE watch the match at No Way Out? That crowd was Divas' levels of dead, and they were building for Rey/Del Rio... A triple threat would be great. Daniel Bryan is an absolute monster right now, and I'm crossing my fingers that the WWE will book this guy right.
    It's amazing how when you watch this show, you see Rhodes, Ziggler, Jericho, Sandow, Miz, Christian, Rey, Bryan, all these guys with awesome characters, yet they continue to book Del Rio vs Sheamus. #wwelogic
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  7. Anyone else think the quick rematch for the IC title was just a way to get rid of christian o.o? wondr what he will do now
  8. I agree with all that but especially that bit at the bottom there. I never actually noticed but of you were to pick 2 guys out of the ones mentioned that you wouldn't want in the Main Event it would be those 2!
  9. You mean at MITB, on NWO we had Sheamus vs Ziggler, where the crowd was chanting for DZ and King said they were going for Sheamus. :dawg:

    But I agree with everything you said.

    Yep, they'll probably move Miz to some other feud.
  10. Once again, WWE IS ON ADR'S FLIPPIN' DICK! Proven by that number one contender bullshit. Might as well had Rey win it, he could make Summerslam A LOT more interesting for the WHC than ffin' Del Rio.
  11. Dammit, I'm always one PPV behind! :facepalm1:

    They think they have a huge star and a big draw in the guy, but he holds all the power backstage because WWE needs him more than he needs WWE. The question is, how much does WWE need him?
  12. "Generic promo" -- GTFO Ryan! Miz > life.
  13. Then it must mean that since he holds some backstage power, he is just being a lazy faggot, knowing that WWE will still depend on him for most stuff.
  14. Partly :yay: at the fact you read it all and partly :haha: at the fact you just defended Miz' generic promo :pity:
  15. :finger: at you thinking it's a generic promo and :haha: at you trying to deny that you love Miz. We all know you're the biggest Mizfit on the site :jeritroll:
  16. :lol1: at you thinking "Oh yay, I won title and I iz awesome" isn't a generic promo and :finger: for even suggesting I like the Miz :pipebomb:
  17. You're forgetting someone..............watched SD since 2008 loved it back then it still now
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