Spoiler SmackDown 3/19/15 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 17, 2015.

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  1. Here are the results from tonight's taping for the 3/19/2015 episode of SmackDown that was taped in Kansas City.

    * Roman Reigns comes out to kick off the show. There were some boos and "you can't wrestle" chants. Mark Henry interrupts and cuts a pro-Reigns promo. Seth Rollins interrupts with Kane, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Kane rips on Reigns and Rollins teases cashing in at WrestleMania 31. Rollins says Randy Orton will not be here tonight due to security not letting him in. Kane announces himself and Rollins vs. Reigns and Henry for the main event.

    * Paige vs. Brie Bella is next. AJ Lee is on commentary and Nikki Bella is at ringside. Paige wins a quick match after a roll-up out of nowhere.

    WINNER: Paige

    * Dean Ambrose vs. Stardust starts the Intercontinental Contenders Gauntlet Match. Stardust is eliminated in a quick match. He attacks Ambrose after the bell. R-Truth is the next man out. He beats up Stardust and kicks him out of the ring. Ambrose hits a quick Dirty Deeds and Truth is eliminated. Luke Harper is out next. He ends up eliminating Ambrose. Daniel Bryan is out next to a big pop. The crowd was super into this match. Bryan applied an awesome submission at one point but Harper elbowed out. Bryan ends up eliminating Harper by submission. Dolph Ziggler is out next to another huge pop. They go at it. Ziggler and Bryan play off the hot crowd. This went back and forth with neither man getting the upperhand. The end had many near finishes but Ziggler won out of nowhere with a Zig Zag.

    WINNER: Ziggler

    * Bad News Barrett comes out and cuts a promo. He nails Ziggler in the face, blocks a running knee from Bryan and hits Bryan with the mic. Barrett stands tall after giving both men a Bullhammer.

    * They air a second backstage segment with J&J Security making sure Orton doesn't get in the building.

    * Cesaro, Tyson Kidd and Natalya vs. El Torito and Los Matadores is next. Natalya and Torito look to start but Kidd tags in and stops it from happening. Natalya tags back in and powerbombs Torito for the win. Natalya took the Tag Team Title from Kidd after the match and held it in the air.

    WINNER: Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Natalya

    * Roman Reigns and Mark Henry vs. Seth Rollins and Kane is next. Henry's music hits but he doesn't come out. The big screen shows Henry laid out backstage. Rollins and Kane come out while Reigns is left alone in the match. Rollins and Kane have J&J Security plus extra members of security at ringside.

    They start putting the beatdown on Reigns early. The whole arena is screaming for Orton. Reigns fights back as the crowd pops for him. He hits a Superman punch on Rollins and a spear on Kane for the win. The crowd went nuts. Rollins came in the ring but Orton's music hit to more huge pops. Orton came from behind and beat up everyone but Reigns. Everyone took a RKO except Rollins, who escaped. SmackDown ends.

    WINNER: Roman Reigns
  2. Seems meh and boring for the most part.

    Wait, Henry's a face now... like a week later after he got punched in the mouth and speared through the barricade? lol

    The only segments that seem to be worth watching are the IC title contenders gauntlet match and the ME.
  3. Same old shit
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  4. Been hearing that the Gauntlet match more specifically the part where DB & DZ go at it is phenomenal, the crowd was ELECTRIC from what they're saying and they let the two of them go at it for AWHILE!
  5. The gauntlet match is most likely gonna be the best thing on show.
  6. How dare you? :blackshock:
  7. It takes up a good amount of time of the show.. it will probably be about 45 minutes TV time.
  8. Cool, then.

    It's gonna be kinda weird not skipping 45 mins of SmackDown this time around.
  9. I've usually only watched about 30 mins of SD just to get a glimpse at the "major" segments.. but this will be the first time that I assume I'll be checking out an hour of it between the Gauntlet & the ME in a LONG time.
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  10. Same here, bro.

    The last time I watched 45-60 mins of SmackDown and didn't end up skipping most of the show was in February, when Reigns and DB teamed up for that tag team turmoil which was really good.
  11. Great, i gotta watch the divas match on mute again because that little geek keeps going on commentary. The gauntlet match better be good or this show is going to be terrible.
  12. The one un-official tag team beating every actual tag team. LOL
  13. Yup, sounds about right.
  14. Wouldn't be WWE if it was logical.
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  15. It had a few watchable segments, I didn't care about anything else.

    - The gauntlet match was good.
    - The ME and the RKO party were aight.

    Negatives + the 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Everything else.
  16. All I've liked from this show, was.. RKO... RKO and umm.. RKO. Yeah, that was the only great thing that night.
  17. I don't know how you didn't find any enjoyment out of that Gauntlet match.. that was PPV material with just the last part between DB & DZ alone.. but to each their own I suppose.
  18. I skimmed through this earlier on my DVR. Other than the gauntlet match and Orton RKO'ing everyone in sight there at the end, it didn't look like there was much to see.
  19. Yup that was about it.. It did take up an hour of the show though so that was good.
  20. Gaunlet sounds fun, I might catch that. And then skip Henry suddenly kissing Reigns' ass.
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