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    WWE taped the March 24th, 2016 SmackDown episode from Boston, Massachusetts.
    Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.
    Show Spoiler

    * SmackDown opens with WWE Divas Champion Charlotte and Ric Flair in the ring for a heel promo

    * Sasha Banks defeated Charlotte in a solid non-title match. Becky Lynch was on commentary and Sasha got the huge hometown pop. Sasha countered the Figure Eight with a roll up for the win. After the match, Becky drops them both and leaves. Sasha recovers first and drops Charlotte with a Backstabber

    * WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day are out next to a huge pop. They cut funny promos but get interrupted by The League of Nations, minus Alberto Del Rio

    * Sheamus defeated Kofi Kingston. Sheamus dominated the early part of the match but Kofi came back strong. Sheamus won with a Brogue Kick after an assist from King Barrett and Rusev

    * The Usos defeated The Ascension in a quick match with a double superkick to Viktor. After the match, The Usos hit a top rope splash through the tables on Konnor and Viktor

    * Renee Young interviews The Dudley Boyz backstage. They trash The Usos, Rikishi and The Wild Samoans. Roman Reigns interrupts and tells Bubba Ray Dudley he wants a fight tonight

    * Sami Zayn and Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz and WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens. There was tension between the heels early on but they got on the same page and dominated until Ziggler made a hot tag to Zayn. Owens tried leaving but Stardust, Sin Cara and Zack Ryder stopped him. Miz attacked Owens from behind and brought him back in the ring for a Skull Crushing Finale. Zayn hit Miz with a Helluva Kick for the win. Everyone gets involved and hits their finishers. Ryder is left standing after dropping Owens with a Rough Ryder

    * Roman Reigns vs. Bubba Ray Dudley ends in a double count out. Reigns was out first to a big pop and D-Von came out with Bubba Ray. The match quickly went to the outside and turned into a very physical brawl for the count out. Reigns was in control when D-Von ran into save Bubba but Reigns hit him with a Superman punch, then a steel steps shot outside of the ring. Bubba came back in the ring dazed as Reigns slid in and speared him before going to the back

    * Backstage comedy segment with Goldust and R-Truth

    * Sin Cara and WWE United States Champion Kalisto are backstage talking about theirWrestleMania 32 matches. Kalisto bumps into Ryback, who knocks Kalisto for his size. Kalisto guarantees he will win at WrestleMania

    * AJ Styles defeated Tyler Breeze in a quick match with the Phenomenal Forearm

    * Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come to the ring for a promo on Dean Ambrose. Heyman calls Ambrose out to fight Lesnar. The Wyatt Family comes out instead. They surround the ring but Ambrose's music hits and he comes out. Lesnar and Ambrose take out The Wyatts. Ambrose attacks Lesnar with a kendo stick. Lesnar drills Ambrose with a clothesline and drops him with a F5 to end SmackDown

    Source: WrestlingInc
  2. Well now we know the Wyatts will definitely get involved with Lesnar vs Ambrose. And I think that prediction online if correct when it says Mick Foley and Terry Funk will too lol I hope Lesnar destroys all of them
  3. "Zack Ryder is left standing after dropping Owens with a Rough Ryder"
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  4. I know, right. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? :woo:
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  5. Hmm, I might end up checking out the full show, actually.
  7. Did I do something right, God? [​IMG]

    I DO KNOW IT! 10/10 after reading, will watch 100% tonight. Push the Woo Woo kid!
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  9. Why should we call you Hurricane? Because you blow? :pipebomb:
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  10. You sly fucking devil you, but even that hate cant get me down. WOO WOO WOO...
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  11. Touche', bro. Hard to be too depressed about anything tonight :yay: How's these shows treatin' ya?
  12. just youtube'd WWE. Watching Gotham now and it's the greatest thing ever.

    And before that Dragon's den, it's the UK and Canada's Shark Tank, and is awesome.
  13. lol you enjoy that. As a matter of fact, I'll go pull it up on Netflix real quick, watch it for a few minutes before my TV ADD kicks in and realize "oh I need to be watching Fuller House" "wait isn't AHS on here?" "oh shit there's a whole anime section" "meh, come to think of it comedies sound good right now" "fuck it just turn it off". You just got your Ryder, I got my LUG, lets go sleep. Separate beds.

    :downer: maybe someday we'll do work.
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