Spoiler SmackDown 4/16/15 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    * John Cena kicks off SmackDown and talks about the US Open Challenge and the Russian Chain Match at Extreme Rules. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro come out to talk trash to him. Daniel Bryan interrupts to a big pop. Cena and Bryan vs. Kidd and Cesaro is announced for the main event.

    * Sheamus vs. Neville and Bray Wyatt's return has also been announced.

    * Bray Wyatt squashed R-Truth with Sister Abigail and got a big reaction.

    * The Miz comes out for a promo but Bad News Barrett interrupts to a big pop. We get a match and Barrett wins fairly quickly with a Bullhammer while Miz is showing off.

    * Sheamus vs. Neville is next. Sheamus comes out to good heat and Neville gets the pop. This was said to be a good match with Neville winning by DQ when Sheamus threw him into the announce table. Sheamus tried to attack after the match but Dolph Ziggler made the save. Dolph cuts a promo and calls Sheamus a bully. Sheamus announces they will face each other in a "Kiss Me Arse" match at Extreme Rules.

    * Kofi Kingston and Big E defeated Los Matadores with El Torito and Xavier Woods at ringside.

    * Backstage segment with Rosa Mendes and Fandango breaking up.

    * Big Show comes out and rips Roman Reigns, talking about how he took Reigns out at RAW with the taxi chokeslam. Show says he will face Reigns in a Last Man Standing match, per The Authority, at Extreme Rules.

    * Cameron vs. Natalya vs. Alicia Fox in a Triple Threat is next. All three hit a decent Tower of Doom suplex at one point. Cameron gets the win. Fox throws a fit and chases the referee after the match.

    * Fandango defeated Adam Rose. Rosa Mendes ran down and tried to distract Fandango but he won with a roll up.

    * The main event is about to start when two fans rush the ring and do a Rock Bottom to one another. Security takes them down as WWE stars look on. Daniel Bryan and John Cena defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in a non-title match when Bryan made Kidd submit to The Yes Lock. SmackDown ends.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0414/592434/live-spoilers-for-this-week-wwe-smackdown/

    Looking forward to the ME and Sheamus vs Neville, everything else seems like a complete snoozefest.
    LOL at the Kiss Me Arse match.
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  2. :idk:What the actual fuck :idk:
    Why a "Kiss My Arse" match? We can't get a regular street fight? falls count anywhere?

    Hyped for the Cena/Bryan vs Cesaro/Kidd match though. With Bryan/Cena winning does that put them in line for a shot at the tag titles or thing don't work like that anymore?
  3. Lol Dolph kissing arses.
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  4. "Kiss my Arse" match
    "Russian Chain" match
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  5. Nah, it doesn't really work like that anymore. Although they could use that win over the tag champs for a future shot at the belts, but they most likely won't.
  6. http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2015/0414/592443/roman-reigns-appears-after-smackdown/

    It's a good thing it was a dark ME. I sincerely hope after their Last Man Standing at ER the feud's gonna be done once and for all... And Reigns gets to move on to better things.
  7. I like what they're doing with Neville so far, pretty stoked for that match.. the ME sounds pretty decent.
  8. Two matches that seem like they're worth seeing is enough to pass as a decent episode of Smackdown to me.

    A Kiss Me Arse match, though? On a PG show? I'm guessing the loser will end up kissing the other guy's ass while the latter's tights are still on, which is pretty lame. I remember making a thread a couple of years ago (during Bryan's initial main event push in the Summer of 2013) saying how great it would have been if McMahon had tried and forced Daniel Bryan to join the Kiss My Ass club, but unfortunately they probably wouldn't be able to go there because seeing a bare man's ass likely wouldn't be permitted on a PG show.

    Oh, and glad to see Wyatt got a big reaction. So much for some folks saying no one cares about Bray anymore. :pity2:
  9. Just done watching this episode.
    Ehh, it was pretty much like Raw this week, extremely underwhelming for the most part.

    - Skipped the first 5 minutes of the opening segment, b/c Cena was talking. The rest of it was bearable and I'm glad it didn't drag for 15-20 minutes.
    - Neville vs Sheamus was solid till the DQ Fest happened, but oh well...
    - DB & Cena vs TK & Cesaro was aight.

    - Wyatt vs R-Truth.
    - BNB vs Miz.
    - The New Day vs Los Matadores was kinda meh, but I do appreciate the character progression of The New Day, though.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Gladly skipped Big Show's lame ass promo.
    - Skipped the divas match.
    - Skipped Fandango vs Rose.
  10. Show stunk.. I watched it while playing pool pretty much but still..
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  11. LOL, you really remembered that prediction of mine from HIAC... :emoji_slight_smile:

    I'm not so sure of this one, bro.

    Both Reigns and Wyatt are heading into ER with losses from Mania...
    So, the "make sure he looks strong" style will be applied to Reigns, and it should be, as well as to Wyatt.

    With that said, Big Show's gonna be Roman's bitch at ER, which is so cool by me and if WWE's Gandalf doesn't end up having an opponent for ER, then heck, they might as well decide to have Wyatt interfere in Reigns' match with Show and cost him the match and then they'll start feuding.

    ER's a week from Sunday, so if Wyatt's opponent isn't revealed this Monday night, then Wyatt/Reigns seems likely.
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