Spoiler Smackdown 4/18/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Apr 15, 2014.

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    WWE taped the April 18, 2014 SmackDown episode from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee. Here are full SmackDown spoilers:​

    WWE SmackDown

    * Triple H kicks off SmackDown and talks about Evolution reuniting on RAW. He says they are here. Evolution is the dominant three-man team in WWE history, not The Shield. Triple H announces Evolution vs. The Shield for Extreme Rules.

    * Big E defeated Alberto Del Rio by disqualification.

    * Paul Heyman comes out to massive boos. Heyman yells over and over and over and over again about how Brock Lesnar ended The Streak. This gets huge heat from the crowd.

    * Paige vs. Aksana is up next. Paige gets dominated most of the match but wins with her Scorpion Cross Lock.

    * El Torito defeated Hornswoggle by pinfall.

    * Alexander Rusev defeated R-Truth by submission. Xavier Woods and Lana were at ringside. Woods hit the ring and attacked Rusev after the match but got squashed.

    * Backstage interview with Sheamus.

    * Fandango vs. Santino Marella is up next. Emma and Layla were at ringside. Santino wins with a roll-up.

    * Batista defeats Sheamus in a very physical match with the Batista Bomb to end SmackDown.

    Source: PWMania
  2. Fuck me this looks like an absolutely terrible episode of Smackdown. Santino and Fandango again? Really? Can the WWE not see that the crowd are dead for this feud and it is not entertaining in the slightest, not even the backstage segments with Santino and Emma are funny.

    In other news your sig is awesome :bodallas:
  3. Well this Smackdown is a must watch.

    inb4 @Crayo
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  4. Now I know why I don't bother with Smackdown, this sounds awful.
  5. There are times when I wonder why they even bother to tape a Smackdown show. This is an example of one of those times.

    I don't see why they can't just have one B show, but instead they have Smackdown, Main Event and Superstars. They need to stick with just the one show, and have maybe 2 or 3 matches with young talent/midcarders but then have an epic main event with some of the guys we actually care about. There's no need for more time in WWE shows if they have to resort to (what they probably think is a sure-fire MOTYC showstealing match between El Dorito and Hornyswoggle) two midgets "brawling".
  6. Hm, don't think I'm watching this one.
  7. Such a shame, I used to love SD during the brand extension/ruthless aggression era now I barely watch it.
  8. Paige gets another victory with the scorpion cross lock :yes:
  9. Yeah, cause that won't get stale soon...
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  10. El Torito vs Hornswoggle?
    Santino Marella vs Fandango?
    Vintage Smackdown!
    In all seriousness, this sounded like a bad episode of Smackdown. Instead of Batista vs Sheamus for absolutely no reason, why not have Batista/Orton vs Any member of the Shield?
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  11. Did you mean to say El Dorito?
  12. It's my idea of humour :dawg:
  13. WWE is not the same as it was about 5 years ago when the matches were good
  14. Way to book Paige strongly again.
  15. That match was so botched. Oh sorry let me rephrase that, that match was a normal divas match.
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  16. just watching it the now and most annoying part of the show for me is emma, that stupid dancing crap she does is starting to really annoy me. The hornswaggle el torrito match was worth watching just to listen to the commentary thought cole and bradshaw were funnier than been for a long time during it.
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  17. Well, it sure doesn't feel like I missed anything.
  18. I actually watched the entire show, and it saddens me to say the el torito vs hornswoggle(mostly do to comentary) was the highlight of the show. In all fairness, though, the sheamus vs batista match was better than expected
  19. Sheamus/Batista was pretty decent. Sheamus carried "THE ANIMAL" to a pretty well-worked match. I still think Sheamus is the most undervalued wrestler in WWE so far as the IWC is concerned, and this match showed that.

    The El Torito/Hornswoggle match was hugely entertaining, not so much because the match was high-quality (although it was better than any other Hornswoggle match I've ever seen, mostly due to him being carried by El Torito....seems like this is a recurring theme on this episode of SD).

    All in all, a decent use of a couple of hours for a pro wrestling fan.

  20. Have to agree with you (as usual) about Sheamus. Recently he hasn't been pushed hard, we almost never have do hear any of his dull promos and he's just wandering around the midcard putting on fine matches every week. He even put Barrett over clean on Raw! I despised watching him back during his reign as WHC and stuff, but nowadays Sheamus is fine.
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