Spoiler SmackDown 4/23/15 Results

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  1. Below are the results for Thursday's (4/23/15) SmackDown tapings that took place on Tuesday.

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  2. This seems more interesting than RAW, to be completely honest.

    After months and months of underwhelming BS on SD, this one seems like it's worth watching all the way through.

    - On a side note, Brad Maddox vs Zack Ryder was a dark match before SD tapings. Dayumn, I wish they'd air that one!

    Also, I'd be down for a new tag team with either Broski & Axelmania or Broski & Maddox or heck, Maddox & Riley. I think I'd be entertained by them!
  3. Idk the build up to ER hasn't been the best, I guess looking at both on paper rather than watching then yeah it seems more interesting but who knows until we physically see it for ourselves.
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  4. True, the build-up towards ER has been rather lackluster. So, yes, it wouldn't shock me if the PPV gets that same treatment.
    But, I think they can still put more effort into the PPV itself than they've been doing with its build-up for these past 2-3 weeks.

    You're right, I guess we'll have to wait and see how this episode goes.
    Because, ya know, this episode does seem watchable all the way through, but oftentimes the episodes that seem bad on paper end up not being so bad.
    So, I guess we'll see.
  5. This doesn't seem compelling to watch imo.
  6. Seems more compelling than RAW, if I'm being honest. (in terms of having good matches on the show and keeping all the BS to a minimum)

    I'm hyped for DZ & Neville vs BNB & Sheamus, as well as the ME.
  7. Well, more compelling than Raw isn't very difficult tbh :dawg: but I get your point.
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  8. This episode wasn't too bad. It was actually okay compared to a lot of previous SD episodes.
    It's been so long since the last time I've decided to watch a SmackDown episode in its entirety.

    - The opening segment featuring Rollins, J&J Security and Kane was fine.
    It was exactly what it needed to be coming off of this past week's RAW episode. No complaints there, I think.
    Aaand, Kane was actually tolerable for once.
    And, I'm glad the opening segment did not drag for 20 minutes!
    Kane messing around with Rollins was nice, but... This smells like WWE spirit! LOL

    B/c with Kane being the guardian of the gate and all, it wouldn't surprise me if all this tension 'tween Kane and Rollins turned out to be just a facade for what would go down at ER.
    [e.g. Rollins pisses off Kane, Kane doesn't want to open the gate when Seth tries to escape the cage, then Orton lays him out and then BAM! When Orton is the one to escape the cage through the gate, Kane opens up the gate for him and when Orton's about to come out, he just whacks him in the head with it. Swerve! Fooled ya!]
    On another note, it's kinda weird seeing the champ every week. Still getting used to it. LOL

    Also worth noting, SmackDown kicked off with a tag team match and ended with a tag team match.
    Teddy Long is back, playa!

    - The thing that was so predictable was how the ME was gonna be set up.
    First, they decide to kick off SD with two 'LOL.WHOOPS.JK!' matches in a row, Ambrose gets scheduled to face Rollins, so it's only fitting that Ambrose gets attacked so Reigns could make the save and woohoo, the ME is set!

    - I'm enjoying heel Sheamus right now. His pre-match promo was nice!

    - DZ & Neville vs BNB & Sheamus was a really fine match. Damn, Barrett had a nasty landing on the floor when he went over the top rope. Also, liked that combo of Zig Zag and Red Arrow.

    - Bray Wyatt's promo was alright.

    - Naomi vs Natalya was so meh and boring. So, Natalya lost after a slap to the face and a butt-attack with like no force at all. Kewl. I've no idea why I even bothered watching this match, guess I'll go back to skipping divas matches again.

    - The PTP promo was hilarious! :lol1:

    - Ryback vs Rusev was alright till the DQ fest happened...

    - So, apparently Noble and Harper are cousins. LOL

    - Kofi vs Cesaro was so... [​IMG]
    I'm at a loss for words to describe this 'match'. So, Cesaro lost the match after a minute thanks to a distraction. I'm not sure what's worse, the New Day's pre-match promo being longer than Kofi vs Cesaro or Cesaro losing to Kofi in such a crappy fashion.

    - Reigns & Ambrose vs Rollins & Harper was a decent ME.
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  9. @Snowman

    Have you watched this yet? I'd love to read your review.
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