Spoiler SmackDown 4/30/15 Results

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  1. Roman Reigns came down to kick off Smackdown and was interrupted by Kane. Kane booked a match between them, and while we’re still waiting for confirmation on what exactly happened, it appears he may have walked out in the middle of it as well.

    (1) Roman Reigns def. Kane via count-out.

    (2) Damien Sandow def. Curtis Axel.

    (3) Ryback def. Luke Harper. Rough week for Harper, after losing to Dean Ambrose, losing clean to Neville in the King of the Ring tournament, and losing again here. The lights went out and Bray Wyatt hit the ring, laying out Ryback with Sister Abigail again.

    (4) WWE Tag Team Championship Match
    Ccesaro & Tyson Kidd def. The New Day via DQ. Xavier Woods attacked Cesaro to cause the finish; New Day retains the titles.

    -A few of the Divas were backstage making fun of Brie Bella for getting attacked by Naomi on Monday Night Raw. The Divas Champion Nikki overheard the conversation and challenged Cameron to a match.

    (5) Nikki Bella def. Cameron. Rather decisively.

    (6) Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose. This was a pretty solid main event match. Rollins did a dark promo before the match to try and draw heat from the Illinois crowd. Rollins and J&J Security beat down on Ambrose after the match until Roman Reigns made the save. The babyfaces ran them off, although it’s unclear where exactly the Smackdown taping ends.
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  2. Honestly sounds like a great episode.. hope it lives up to it's Paper worth!
  3. Sounds like a pretty solid episode this week.
  4. Seems like an alright episode on paper.

    The first match is definitely skip-worthy, because LOL KANE BOOKS A MATCH AND JUST WALKS AWAY.

    The divas match. PASS

    Sandow vs Axel sounds aight, but it'll prolly be some 2-3 minute stuff.

    Ryback vs Harper could be good if it's longer than 5 mins.

    Kisaro vs New Day sounds about your typical title rematch. LOLHEELSRETAINVIADQREMATCHATPAYBACK

    Now, Rollins vs Ambrose is something I'm really looking forward to. When these two are in the ring, it's magic, they've got great chemistry.
  5. Are Cesaro and Kidd face now or are they still pushing New Day as a face team? Cesaro/Kidd were heels in their feud with the Usos so just wondering.
  6. Cesaro and Kidd were said to have gotten so over on the European tour that management has decided to roll with them as babyfaces from now on (or for the time being in their feud with The New Day at least.) It's clear now that The New Day are officially heels. Not only do they show noticeable disdain towards the crowd for not cheering them and clapping along with them (they tried to replace the "New... Day Sucks!" chant with a "New... Day Rocks!" one on Raw, which was clearly playing up to their heel heat), but Kofi pulled Cesaro's tights at Extreme Rules to win the tag titles as well. They've played dirty in a couple of other matches recently, too.

    It makes more sense this way anyhow, because Cesaro and Kidd are both awesome inside the squared circle and don't have any real noticeable characters flaws (other than Kidd's chauvinistic attitude towards his wife Nattie at times) that should make us hate them, whereas The New Day's happy-go-lucky shtick does little but annoy people.
  7. This episode was... Watchable.

    - The first 15 minutes of the show were definitely lame and skip-worthy (oh boy, ain't they ever?!). LOL at Kane. I'M GONNA BOOK A MATCH AGAINST REIGNS AND THEN JUST WALK OUT NEAR THE END. I LOOKED STRONG AND I'M STILL RELEVANT. Yay! :booker2:

    - Sandow vs Axelmania was alright, somewhat entertaining, too. I've noticed before and during the match that Sandow's colossal dickishness is still present... Okey doke.

    - Ryback vs Harper was alright. So, that post-match segment was basically a repeat from Raw. K

    - The New Day vs TK & Cesaro was actually a decent match. But the finish was a predictable BS. LOLHEELSRETAINVIADQ

    - Gladly skipped the divas match.

    - LOL. Another hilarious PTP promo.

    - Rollins vs Ambrose was a decent ME.
  8. Hey @Sharpy Sandow

    Sounds like Sandow's new theme is a pop rock-ish version of Hallelujah.
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