Spoiler SmackDown 4/9/15 - Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Prince Bálor, Apr 8, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    WWE Smackdown Taping Results
    Dallas, TX

    -Los Matadores defeated two local wrestlers in the dark match prior to WWE Main event.

    -Finn Balor beat Xavier Woods in the dark match prior to Smackdown.

    WWE Smackdown TV Taping

    1. WWE Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Natalya) defeated New Day. Tons of New Day sucks chants. TV doesn’t do Natalya justice. She’s a very attractive woman.

    2. Neville defeated Curtis Axel.

    3. Natalya defeated Alicia Fox. Cameron was guest referee. Natalya won with a Sharpshooter. Cameron attacked both wrestlers after the match.

    Bray Wyatt cut a promo.

    4. Bray Wyatt defeated Erick Rowan. Wyatt won with Sister Abigail.

    It was announced that they will return to Dallas on October 19 for Raw. It will be the last show in Dallas before WrestleMania 32.

    There was a Miz TV segment. Miz bragged about his movie. Summer Rae came out and talked about how it wasn’t just him in the movie. Mizdow came out. After some back and forth on the mic, Mizdow attacked Miz, who ran off. Mizdow planted a kiss on Summer Rae to the delight of the crowd.

    5. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Roman Reigns defeated Big Show, Bad News Barrett, and Sheamus. A great main event. Dallas loves Roman.

    Source: http://www.wwe.com/news/569593-wwe-smackdown-taping-results-47/2

    - The episode doesn't seem too bad on paper.
    Oh look! I can mark over a dark match, too! Mah boi, Finn Balor is getting closer to being called up. Looks like it may happen post-Extreme Rules PPV.
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  2. I'll definitely watch this.
  3. Neville getting some decent air time to start, I'll peep this episode probably Friday morning while I'm "working"
  4. My boy Sandow entering the season of summer before us all :ksi:
  5. I'm flabbergasted this episode wasn't a complete clusterfuck like usual.
    Holy fuckamole, it was better than this week's RAW.


    - The opening segment was okay. DZ's promo before the brawl was about to break out was sweet, tho.
    - TK & Cesaro vs The New Day was alright. Diggin' the character progression of The New Day.
    - Neville vs Axelmania was fine.
    - That whole MizTV segment was okay, I guess.
    - DB, DZ & Reigns vs Sheamus, BNB & Show was a decent ME.

    - Wyatt vs Rowan was kinda meh, I wasn't really into it.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Gladly skipped the divas match.
  6. Brace yourselves... BALOR IS COMING
  7. :woohoo:

  8. Actually watched this Smackdown for some reason and it... was actually... pretty good. :blackshock:
  9. I'm still thinking another 5-6 months before Balor has the possibility of getting called up.. Neville and Zayn had darkmatches for like a good half year before either one of them (Neville due to Zayn's injury) made their first RAW or Smackdown appearance.
  10. Smackdown was good this week. Not that shocking but needed to be said.
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  11. The reason you liked it/think it was good must be because you haven't watched it in forever. :zayn:

    It wasn't good, imo. But not as shitty, sure.

    I'll admit, though, it was a bit better than this past week's RAW.
  12. :lol1:

    Well, when I see Smackdown, it usually reminds me of a weekly televised house show. Leave the writing + storylines + your brain at home and have fun watching a kickass roster of kickass wrestlers kick ass.
    Like Stopspot really enjoys the WWE product, because he's an easily satisfied wrestling purist (and there's nothing wrong...hell, a lot right with that)
    I usually want to watch a weekly show JUST for storyline and not care about match quality (unless it's a blowoff to a NXT feud or Lucha Underground) and star-rate the matches for PPV.
    But with WWE's smaller shows, it's a lot easier to see K-Swiss waylaying the shit out of New Day and squeal like a little girl. So yay awesome wrestling show! :woohoo:

    just I wish I had a time machine and a Twitter account so I can spare the wrestling universe from #givedivasachance
  13. CM Bryan not liking a WWE product not called NXT.

  14. This show was full of storyline advancement. Smackdown in general usually is. But people tend to ignore it in favor of the old "It's all RAW recaps" spiel.
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  15. It's Prince Bálor, FYI.

    And lol, Stopspot white knighting the product.

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  16. I'm far from a white knight, but I call it like I see it.

    And most of your posts in non WWE sections look like this: "THIS IS AWESOME!"

    Most of your posts in WWE sections look like this: "There were a few good things, but over all it sucked".

    Your posts at times make you look like a mark who just discovered there are more brands of wrestling than the WWE, and thus all of it is infinitely better just because.
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  17. Shhhhhh don't tell me that! :urm:

    Show Spoiler
    as the New Day heel turn continues and Miz/Mizdow/Summer have a really good segment that heated up that feud even more

    it's all a mindless, enjoyable show, Snowwie. That's all. :please:
  18. So, you think I'm shitting on RAW/SD just for the sake of it? lol okay
  19. I never said that.

    What I said was it seems like judging by your WWE related posts overall, you do not enjoy the product. Which makes me question why you watch it at all?

    When I cool off on WWE, I stop watching until I feel that it is time I give them another fair shake. I for example don't like TNA's product, so I do not watch it because why the fuck should I if I don't like it?

    You obviously know that there are other brands of wrestling, so if you don't like what WWE puts out, you do not have to watch it.
    If you do like WWE tho, maybe you should try wording your posts containing critique a bit more constructively, because at times it seems like you're just spewing bile.
  20. No, I don't find myself enjoying the product thoroughly, to be honest.
    When it comes to the product (mainly RAW/SD), I obviously end up liking some things from the episodes, but there's usually a chunk of filler/boring stuff... Which I don't like.

    And the reason I'm still watching is because I'm still a fan and there's also a thing called habit.
    So, I may come off as a 'hater' for lack of a better word at times, but I'm certainly not criticizing the product for the sake of it.
    I was actually gonna cool off on the 'E, I was just waiting for WM and the post-WM Raw at the time, which was either gonna pull me back in or bail me the fuck out.

    It'd pulled me back in, and now the product's back to being underwhelming. So, no, I'm not gonna stop watching... Yet. Gonna give it some more time.
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