Spoiler SmackDown 5/28/2015 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 27, 2015.

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    * Dean Ambrose kicks off SmackDown to a huge pop. Ambrose talks about what happened on RAW and mentions Roman Reigns, his name getting a big pop. Ambrose mentions Seth Rollins and Justin Bieber, getting a brief Bieber chant going. He talks about racing back to arena after being arrested and signing the contract. He talks about their fight for the richest price in the industry at Elimination Chamber. Ambrose and Reigns vs. Kane and Rollins is announced for tonight.

    * Paige vs. Naomi and Ryback vs. Rusev will also take place tonight.

    * Sin Cara and Kalisto vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd is next. The Ascension, The New Day, Los Matadores and The Prime Time Players are at ringside acting as Lumberjacks. Multiple "New Day sucks" chants throughout the course of the match. This was a great match with a lot of fast paced high style offense from both teams. A lot of double teaming by both teams. The crowd was hot throughout this match. There was a lot of involvement from the Lumberjacks also. The Lucha Dragons get the win when Kalisto hit his finisher.

    * R-Truth vs. King Barrett is next with the Intercontinental Title on display at ringside. Truth wins with his STO finisher in a rather short match. Sheamus ran to the ring afterwards, hitting both Barrett and Truth with Brogue kicks.

    * Renee Young interviews Lana backstage. Rusev interrupts and has words with Lana.

    * Rusev vs. Ryback is next with the IC Title still on display. There were USA, "feed me more" and "we want Lana" chants throughout the match. Rusev hit a fall-away slam outside of the ring at one point. Rusev sells an ankle or foot injury. There was a lame ending with Ryback winning by DQ when Rusev sent him head first into the ring post. Trainers helped Rusev after the match.

    * Paige vs. Naomi with Tamina Snuka is next. Paige took out Tamina at ringside with a kick to the face and went on to defeat Naomi with the cradle DDT.

    * Michael Cole comes out and brings Kevin Owens to the ring. He tells Cole he's been in WWE for two weeks but has been wrestling for 15 years all over the world. Owens talks about John Cena and their match this Sunday. He says Cena has never beaten him and Cena needs to prove something to him. We get a look at Owens destroying Sami Zayn in NXT. Owens says if he did something that bad to someone he cared about, imagine what he will do to Cena.

    * Reigns and Ambrose vs. Kane and Rollins is next. Ambrose is out first, followed by Reigns who received a huge pop, in fact the biggest of the night. Rollins is out next with Kane and J&J Security. Reigns and Kane start off the match and Rollins sent Ambrose flying off the apron into the barricade. Rollins and Kane are sent out of the ring. Ambrose and Reigns go to attack them and bring them back in. Reigns and Ambrose win via DQ when J&J interfered after Reigns pinned Rollins following a Superman Punch. The New Day run down and beat down Ambrose but Reigns takes them all out with a diving plancha. Dean and Roman clean house, leaving New Day laid out. Rollins and Kane beat down Ambrose. Rollins hits a Pedigree on Ambrose. Kane and Rollins end SmackDown to boos. Reigns got the biggest pop of the night but Ambrose was a close second.
  2. New Day attacked Ambrose? What the hell is that all about?
  3. Sheamus managed to Brogue kick himself? Riveting! :booker2:
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  4. But anyways, this seems like a shitty, uneventful episode just like this week's RAW. Oh, well.
    At least the EC PPV is gonna be good, right?

    So, Truth goes over Barrett? LOLOLOLOL

    King Barrett has been a fucking clown in 2015. They should've crowned Neville the KOTR.
    Barrett winning was obviously a lame excuse for them to stop using the whole Bad News shtick.
    Clown Barrett would be a name quite fitting for him.

    The only thing I'm looking forward to is The Lucha Dragons vs K-FACT & 2Swiss.

    Oh, and the KO promo is something I'll be checking out, too.
    It's a shame they didn't let him kill Cole just like they let Lesnar, but oh well.

    Everything else seems like an absolute yawn fest, though.
  5. LOLTHEYAREHEELS. Gotta attack a babyface, bro.
  6. The Authority screwed them over with the 10 on 3 handicap match Monday night, I figured they'd still be upset from that but I guess not since they tried to help the Authority by attacking Ambrose.
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  7. Yeah. Don't doubt WWE's actions, dammit!
  8. Edited haha, that's what I get for copying/pasting without proof reading.
  9. Yeah, no worries. It's what I tend to do most of the time.
  10. It wasn't awful, nice to see Lucha perform well, Kalisto!
  11. This episode was ehh... Underwhelming for the better part of the show.

    - The opening segment featuring Ambrose was OK.
    - The Lucha Dragons vs K-FACT & 2Swiss was good. Highlight of the night, right there.
    - Enjoyed the KO segment.

    - Everything else.
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