Spoiler Smackdown 5/30/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, May 27, 2014.

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    WWE taped the May 30, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.
    Here are the spoilers:
    Dark Match

    * Dolph Ziggler defeated NXT’s Sami Zayn

    WWE SmackDown

    * The Shield kicks off SmackDown with a promo on Evolution and Payback.

    * Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston is next. Cesaro came out to a big pop with Paul Heyman. Cesaro gets the win.

    * Paige vs. Tamina Snuka in a non-title match is next. Paige gets the win with her Scorpion Crosslock. Alicia Fox came out during the match and taunted Paige with the Divas Title belt. She tried to distract Paige to allow Tamina to get the win but it backfired.

    * Xavier Woods vs. Bo Dallas is next. Bo comes out and cuts another cheesy promo about Bo-lieving. Bo gets the win with the Bo-dog.

    * Los Matadores, El Torito, 3MB and Hornswoggle are out next. The match is Jinder Mahal vs. El Torito. Torito, without his tail still, gets the win.

    * Jimmy Uso vs. Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing match will take place later.

    * Paul Heyman comes out and reminds us that Brock Lesnar ended The Undertaker’s Streak. Heyman joins commentary as Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett and United States Champion Sheamus come out for their match. This match was described as a must-see brawl. There were big “Let’s go Sheamus, Bad News Barrett” dueling chants. Sheamus got the win after a finishing sequence that was described as “amazing.”

    * Big E came out with an American flag and squashed Titus O’Neil. Before they began, Lana interrupted and cut a promo on Big E and America. They got huge heel heat and USA chants, according to our correspondent. She and Rusev watched the match from ringside.

    * Adam Rose came out to his biggest pop yet, except for the UK, according to our correspondent. Rose went on to defeat Jack Swagger in a match and taunts Zeb Colter some more.

    * Bray Wyatt vs. Jimmy Uso in a Last Man Standing match is next. This match gets the first CM Punk chants of the night. This was described as a good physical match. Wyatt destroyed Uso in front of the announce table and got the win to end SmackDown.

    Source: PWMania
  2. Dolph Ziggler vs Sami Zayn in a SD dark match? fuck put that shit on Main Event or Superstars at the least.. if there's video footage I'd love to see it sounds like a quality match.
  3. Dat dark match though. Sounds like a great Smackdown, except for Mahal jobbing to Super Bull Midget El Dorito and of course, Adam Rose beating Jack Swagger a day (when it airs) before the PPV. What.
  4. Why is Barrett losing that match clean? Fuck off Sheamus. Praying for another injury to Ginger Fuck.
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  5. Rude.

    Why is Ziggler/Zayn a dark match? Sounds legit as fuck, something I'd actually watch.
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  6. If we're lucky it'll make it's way online. Zayn's dark match from the uk tour was ripped from the broadcasting frequency and uploaded.
  7. Hope so.

    Random question but is Ziggler still getting the... err... Ziggler treatment? Seems so based on this thread. I haven't seen any WWE since about the 2nd Raw after Mania.
  8. Thought you were a Sheamus hater.

    And Dolph Jobber deserves to stay off TV - dark matches are his level.
  9. I don't hate Sheamus or like him, pretty indifferent. Just seems lame to want someone to be injured because you don't like them. Be mad at Triple H or Vince, Sheamus is just a dude trying to make a living.
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  10. As much as I dislike Sheamus beating Barrett, wishing stuff like that is really wrong.

    Also, with the US vs IC rivalry that I think could be going on, would it make sense to have a US vs IC match at a PPV every once a year to decide the #1 contender to the WWE WHC? Just a random thought.
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  11. Yeah I thought the IC title was higher in ranking than the US title.. it is strange to have a US champ beat the IC champ.
  12. He has been given more screen time. But he's not exactly pushed to the moon. He's one of the guys they throw out against Batista and Orton to put up a decent fight but take a loss.

    I'd class him as a gatekeeper right now. Takes out lower ranking guys, but gets taken out by the top guys. But he's on TV regularly.
  13. There's no such rivalry going on.

    The US champ is feuding with Cesaro. IC champ is feuding with Van Dam
  14. I may actually give this weeks SD a watch- or the Shield promo at least. I'm enjoying the Shield/Evolution feud. The rest of this taping I could live without.
    Have no interest in seeing BNB lose to Sheamus or Paige be sloppy with the Scorpian Crosslock (like the last time)
  15. Sounds like a decent show. Why the hell would you put Ziggler vs Zayn as a dark match?! These two are amazing, that match alone would have made SD awesome. And yeah... Piss off, Sheamus! You do not deserve to beat BNB clean.
  16. Still waiting for the Zayn/Ziggler match to go online but literally haven't found it anywhere, if anyone has a link or can manage to find it just let me know.

    The match has been described as "unreal" and "raw-worthy" from most of the comments I've read about it.
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  17. I didn't bother to watch, seems the LMS was the only thing worth seeing I'll check it out at some point
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