SmackDown 5th May Rating

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Oh it keeps on falling.
  2. The pale red potato muncher keeps showing how boring he is.
  3. They aren't doing a good enough job advertising, Clearly.

    Seriously, though, we may look at casuals as idiots, but they aren't. Anyone can tell when a show is shit, and anyone can tell when there are better things to do on a Friday night then watch a bunch of squash matches.

    At least nobody saw Flamehead unleash his inner Cena, Orton, and Triple H all at once.
  4. Isn't this a good rating?

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  5. No. SmackDown was averaging 2.15+ with Henry as champion, how recent was that? That's how far SmackDown has dropped in such a short period of time.
  6. That's a low rating, but it's not a big drop.

    Henry drew like a boss.
  7. It's clearly one of two things

    A.) Lack of advertising
    B.) Too much Hogan
  8. Henry drew like a boss and the longer Bryan's reign went the more he drew since his role became better and better and he became more over. Sheamus needs something major to put him over or they need someone else on top who can draw.
  9. I opt for someone else on top who can draw. I don't really see what they could do with Sheamus to make him more interesting.
  10. The only way to turn Sheamus interesting/entertaining would be to turn him into a IRA Irishman. Harassing people and hiding nail bombs in locker rooms.
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  11. Well, that would be good. But I don't know, something tells me WWE isn't going to do it... :haha:

    I think Jericho should win the title.
  12. Marking for the racist gimmick. This needs to happen :boss:
  13. They actually wanted to stereotype Sheamus when he was first called up but he refused.
  14. They did? I didn't know about that, but I understand why he would refuse.
  15. Sheamus can be interesting. He's got the perfect look for the authority bashing Irishman who loves to fight.
  16. It was pretty sickening seeing him bend over backwards trying to stay 'pals' with Orton after he RKO'd him. They've cut his balls off even more than they have Punk
  17. I still say they've missed a lot of potential by dropping his Celtic warrior stick from IWW, he was a reincarnation of a legendary warrior. That a long with Sin Cara could have brought some outlandish style gimmicks which are missing on the whole.

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  18. WWE likes to screw up people's ideas and gimmicks when they hire them, and create new, bland, boring characters for them to portray on TV.
  19. To be honest, even though I agree, that's the most entertaining I've found him. After Orton left when he was like "BRING IT ON ORTON" I actually lol'd. But I agree, he's been damaged a lot more than Punk has and is starting to receive the hate from it. It's a shame(fulthing, lobster head) because despite all of you thinking I hate him, I don't, he's got so much potential to be such a boss.
  20. Typical ball-cutting face turns, the same thing happened to Punk.
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