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    WWE taped the June 13, 2014 WWE SmackDown episode from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
    Here are WWE SmackDown spoilers.
    WWE SmackDown
    * Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose open SmackDown and cut a promo similar to the one they did on RAW. Triple H appears on the big screen and announces Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett for right now.

    * Bad News Barrett comes out for the match. Barrett takes a Superman punch. 3MB comes out and jumps Reigns. He fights back and takes them all out.

    * Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose in a Money In the Bank qualifier will take place later tonight.

    * Erick Rowan defeated Jey Uso and Uso appeared to be hurt but was likely just selling.

    * Bo Dallas defeated R-Truth with the Bo-dog. The crowd was really into the match.

    * Paul Heyman comes out and talks about The Streak ending. Cesaro says he’s here to fight. Sheamus interrupts them for a non-title match that was described as an awesome physical match. Cesaro won with a small package.

    * Adam Rose defeated Fandango with his finisher. Summer Rae was dressed up as one of the Rosebuds and attacked Layla, beating her up pretty bad.

    * Big E defeated Jack Swagger. Lana and Rusev came out during the match to taunt and yell at Big E.

    * Alicia Fox squashed Aksana.

    * Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose in a Money In the Bank qualifying match is next. Bray controlled a good part of the match. This was described as a crazy physical match. Seth Rollins came out to screw Ambrose and Wyatt hit Sister Abigail for the win. Wyatt qualifies for Money In the Bank. This appears to be when SmackDown went off the air.
    Source; PWMania
  2. holy shit Wyatt really is in it to win it. Klock for the win again.
  3. Sounds like a good show. Gonna watch it later today.
  4. For sure watching this later today. Oh, and obligatory [​IMG]
  5. Smackdown was > RAW apart from a few matches/segments.

    Cesaro/Sheamus & Wyatt/Ambrose were both really good as was Barrett/Reigns up until the end. RIP in pieces 3MB
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  6. This show had its moments. The opener was an alright match, nothing much but Reigns looked like a beast in the end. Sheamus/Cesaro was awesome, they just did a completely different style and the finish made perfect sense. Main event was very good, a very entertaining bout. Rest was meh, but these segments are worth watching.
  7. Just finished watching this weeks smackdown! I don't think it was a particularly bad show tbh. Sheamus and Cesaro put on another good match which ended appropriately especially when you consider Sheamus' clean over Cesaro at Payback. I think Sheamus has really been putting in some good performances recently, I think he has been utilizing his TV time well. I have no idea what happened to BNB's push! He seems to be losing more and more frequently, definitely at risk of losing his momentum altogether. The main event between Bray and Ambrose really helped showcase both men's abilities in singles matches, Ambrose got a lot more offence than I was expecting which is promising for him moving forward.

    Not really enjoying Rose at the moment but it is still early days, he needs an actual rivalry to focus on as opposed to squashing random jobbers each week. Bo just makes me giggle, something about his personality is infectious for me. The rest I didn't really care for.
  8. The show was good overall, it had its good and its bad moments.

    i.e. Rowan vs Jey Uso was garbage

    The Shield once again cut a good promo and the following segment amongReigns, BNB and then 3MB was good, too.

    Bo Dallas vs R-Truth was good, both before the match and during the match itself. I'm a BOLIEVER.

    Oh, man. I loved seeing Cesaro beat Sheamus. What a great match it was.

    I didn't even bother watching that thing compete against that other thing Fandango. I'm sure it was a crappy match.

    Big E vs Swagger was meh. Hopefully Zeb goes after Rusev's immigration status

    Ambrose vs Bray was highlight of the night, definitely. Everything about this segment was great. I bloody love these two lunatics!
  9. Oughta watch this show more often, tend to enjoy it whenever I do.
  10. It was a darn good show this past Friday night on SD! The main event was highlight of the night.

    They're really building it up nicely for the MITB. Can't wait for the announcement on RAW tomorrow night to see who are the rest of the participants for MITB Contract match. Somehow, I have this feeling that Cesaro will grab the contract briefcase, despite not being the 'official' participant for it...
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