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  1. * Sheamus kicks off SmackDown with a promo about cashing in Money In the Bank but Dean Ambrose interrupts. Sheamus dares Ambrose to come take the briefcase but out comes Kane. Kane announces he and Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose for right now

    * Sheamus and Kane defeat Dean Ambrose by DQ when Roman Reigns interrupts to spear Kane

    * Ambrose and Reigns vs. Sheamus and Kane is announced for later

    * Brie Bella defeated Paige with the help from Alicia Fox, who knocked Paige off the top rope

    * Kevin Owens comes out for a promo but Cesaro interrupts. A match is made for later

    * Bo Dallas comes out for a promo about Dolph Ziggler being a bad rebound for Lana, saying he would "swipe left" if he were her. Dolph wins the match with a Zig Zag

    * Neville defeated Xavier Woods with Red Arrow. Big E and Kofi Kingston tried to interfere but Titus O'Neil and Darren Young stopped them

    * Seth Rollins comes out and cuts a promo on Brock Lesnar being scared of him. Rollins is confident about their match at Battleground

    * NXT Champion Kevin Owens defeated Cesaro with the pop-up powerbomb. This was said to be a very good match for SmackDown standards

    * Sheamus and Kane defeated Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in the main event. Bray Wyatt appeared on the screen and distracted Reigns, leading to the finish.

  2. I'll try to catch Owens/Cesaro but everything else sounds subpar as per Smackdown standards.
  3. holla holla dogshit ya'll.
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  4. LOL, this episode. Distraction finishes FTW!

    - Brie vs Paige was OK.
    - Rollins' promo was fine.
    - KO vs Cesaro was solid. Damn, had they given more time to this match, it would've been amazing!
    I really hope they do something with Cesaro while Kidd is injured.

    - Ambrose vs Shane. (That stands for Sheamus and Kane, errybody)
    It was a predictable, typical SmackDown/10 BS.
    The two start beating up on Ambrose, Reigns makes the save and then... The ME is set, playa!
    Show Spoiler


    - LOL'd at the finish to Brie vs Paige. Should've used the Twin Magic. lel
    - DZ vs Bo was meh and very rushed. DZ gets the rehab win to make up for the L at MITB and also on RAW.
    - Neville vs Xavier. So much interfering/causing a distraction. Frig off.
    - The Miz talks about movies. PASS
    - The ME was the most SmackDown thing of the night. So, soo predictable.
    Team Reignbrose lose the match to Shane when Reigns gets distracted by Wyatt on the titantron and Sheamo follows it up with a Brogue Kick.
    1... 2... 3... Team Shane wins.
    Aye, it was done to advance the Reigns/Wyatt feud, but still way too predictable.
  5. The only team shane would involve Shane-o-mac daddy.
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  6. Shane-O Mac > Sheamus > Kane
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