Spoiler SmackDown 6/25/15 [Results]

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  1. * Seth Rollins, Kane and Joey Mercury kick off SmackDown and acknowledge Jamie Noble being out. Ryback came out and got put into a match with Kane. Rollins issued an open challenge for Dean Ambrose to fight him later.

    * Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler after Rusev provided distraction. Summer Rae gave props to Rusev and winked at him backstage after the match.

    * Alicia Fox defeated Naomi. The Bella Twins were at ringside with Tamina Snuka and got double superkicked.

    * Ryback defeated Kane by DQ when he was attacked on the ramp by Big Show. Show destroyed him and threw him back in the ring to Kane but he kicked out at 2. Ryback fought back but Show ran back in for the DQ. They destroyed Ryback after the match also and he was helped to the back. The injury looked legit but was not.

    * Backstage segment with The New Day and The Prime Time Players.

    * The Lucha Dragons and The PTP defeated Bo Dallas and The New Day. Sin Cara and Kalisto got a big pop here.

    * Backstage segment with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, who is being haunted by Bray Wyatt's mind tricks.

    * Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose in a match that saw Joey Mercury interfere. Rollins took advantage and hit a Pedigree to win.

  2. just a PSA: they taped Harper vs Cesaro on Superstars this week.
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  3. #BetterThanThisEpisode
  4. Sounds... not great, not even on paper.
  5. That sounds quite terrible.
  6. Surprise, surprise.
  7. they announce Rollins vs Ambrose for Smackdown and the reaction it gets on here is us four dweebs yawning in collective apathy.

    Waiting on my royalty checks for the Bo Dallas idea btw. Better be in the mail soon!