Spoiler SmackDown 7/14/16 [Results]

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    WWE taped the July 14th, 2016 SmackDown episode from Grand Rapids, MI.
    Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.


    * Sasha Banks defeated Dana Brooke by submission. After the match, Charlotte laid out Sasha.

    * Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev after Zack Ryder came out and caused a distraction. Rusev went crazy after the match and threw some TV monitors into the ring.

    * AJ Styles and Karl Anderson beat Enzo and Cass when Enzo tapped to the calf crusher.

    * Kalisto defeated Tyler Breeze with the Salida del Sol.

    * MizTV with Darren Young began with highlights of Bob Backlund's career. Miz went to show some Darren young highlights, but there were none. Backlund tells Miz he isn't a good champion because he's not a good role model. Miz and Young get face to face and Young shows an intense side, saying he will teach Miz a lesson at Battleground. Miz andMaryse leave without a physical confrontation.

    * R-truth and Shane had a small segment on the jumbotron but there was no audio.Goldust was not a part of it.

    * Backstage segment where Charlotte and Dana Brooke approach Sasha, who is getting medical treatment. Charlotte announces a tag match at Battleground where she and Dana will face Sasha and a partner, if she can find one.

    * Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens lasts all of one minute before Seth Rollins, who was on commentary, interferes. Sami Zayn comes out to make the save and we get a tag team main event.

    * Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens defeated Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn when Rollins hit the Pedigree on Zayn. Solid action from all four men. There was some fighting in and around the ring after the match. Ambrose hit Rollins with Dirty Deeds in what appeared to be the end of the taped portion.

    Source: WrestlingInc
  2. That Backlund/Miz argument, leading to Backlund putting The Miz into a Crossface Chickenwing has to be the greatest thing ever. Looking forward to watching it.

    @Leo C
  3. if that mystery woman isn't Bayley....I'm going to be mad.
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  5. Backlund did not put Miz in the chickenwing. That is apparently a faulty report
  6. Well, that's disappointing.
  7. Checked PWMania and the report says Backlund put The Miz in the Chickenwing, then I went to WrestlingInc which stated there was no physical confrontation in that segment.

    Who to believe? lol

    Also, on WrestlingInc it says: Kalisto defeated Breeze, while sites like PWMania and WrestlingNews say Breeze defeated Kalisto.

    I guess I'm going to edit the OP and copy the results from WrestlingInc.
  8. I tend to believe Wrestlinginc more than Mania. Inc has people on sight for the tapings
  9. Another solid and easy to watch episode.

    I'm really diggin' these little backstage promos that open the show. They've been doing it for a few weeks now in order to make the beginning of SD feel different than RAW.
    Hope they continue doing 'em after the brand split. KO (in a Demon Bálor shirt) was the greatest, btw.

    Sasha vs Dana was decent. I liked this more than the Monday's bout, the shorter Dana's match are kept, the better.

    RuRu vs DZ was solid, although I wasn't a fan of Rusev losing here. I get the finish and why it was done, it allows Broski to get some revenge from RAW and yada yada, but still, Rusev shouldn't be losing rn.

    We got highlights of Cena hosting the ESPYs. He seemed like a good host and had a good time.

    The Club vs Enzo & Cass was a rock solid match. A loss doesn't hurt E&C since they went down to the numbers game. Also, the Calf Crusher is a cool submission, but if Styles is going to submit someone to it, he might as well put some work onto that leg.

    Kalisto vs Breeze was OK for the time given, and I enjoyed Kalisto here. This was a follow-up to that tag match from RAW, which Breezango won, so it's only fair that Kalisto picks up the predictable win on SD.

    The MizTV segment was a'ight. LOL'd when The Miz teased a career highlight video package for Young, only for a test pattern to appear. :lol1:Man, I so wish Backlund had put Miz in the Chickenwing as those (faulty) reports were saying, but oh well. Anyways, yeah, this was fine. The Miz ran down DY, and DY said he's gonna teach him a lesson and win the title at Battleground. However, I don't see him winning the title at Battleground. He should lose to Miz while looking strong in defeat. That said, Maryse is probably going to be involved in the finish, I imagine she'll try and seduce DY, but he'll no-sell it since he's gay (or they'll end up doing something else, Idk), and then The Miz should retain by cheating. Then, they should start rebuilding DY with some TV wins where he looks strong but is also chasing The Miz. And if he gets over, if the reaction towards DY is good, then the title change should happen at SummerSlam, or at a later date.

    KO & Rollins vs Ambrose & Zayn was a quite good ME.
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