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    WWE taped the July 23rd SmackDown episode from the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln, Nebraska.
    Here are the full SmackDown spoilers:​

    Dark match

    * Jack Swagger defeat Brad Maddox with the Patriot Lock.

    WWE SmackDown

    * Dean Ambrose kicked off SmackDown with a promo in the ring and was put in a match.

    * Sheamus defeated Dean Ambrose with a Brogue Kick. Ambrose was distracted by Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper on the big screen.

    * JoJo interviewed Neville in the back but Stardust popped up on a screen behind them and started laughing.

    * Neville defeated Adam Rose in a quick match.

    * Stardust cut a backstage promo on Neville.

    * A Sasha Banks vignette aired.

    * King Barrett comes out to the ring for a promo on being The King.

    * Rusev with Summer Rae defeated Kevin Owens by count out when Owens left.

    * Owens interrupted a Cesaro interview backstage and they had words. Cesaro knocked Owens for walking out on matches.

    * The Bella Twins defeated Sasha Banks and Naomi when Nikki Bella hit the Rack Attack on Naomi.

    * Seth Rollins defeated Cesaro in the match of the night with a Pedigree. Owens came out after the match and attacked Cesaro, hitting him with a pop-up powerbomb. This appears to be where SmackDown ends.

    Source: LordsOfPain
  2. When did Brad Maddox come back to WWE?
  3. He hasn't officially yet. It's just house events that he's been appearing at since the last time that he was on TV. I don't think he'll be back on the main roster in any compacity when it comes to TV for a while either. If anything they should at least put him back down in NXT to build him back up like they did Tyson.
  4. Rollins vs Cesaro is all I care about from this show. Everything else is skip-worthy.
  5. The Main Event with Rollins & Cesaro seems like it will be nice. I will also be watching the the DIVAS Tag Team Match as I can't get enough of the DIVAS matches.
  6. Last time I saw Maddox, wasn't he lost in a cave in Mexico or something? :idk:
  7. So... I decided to actually watch Smackdown for what was the first time in quite a long while, and it turned out to be a pretty decent episode. Ambrose further paying the price for being Reigns' friend and coming to his aid against the Wyatts, Kevin Owens' in-ring promo (as well as him shouting "I'm not even American, I'm French-Canadian, you idiot!" at Rusev as he walked out on their match) and his confrontation with Cesaro backstage, them actually appearing to do something with Stardust's character by having him play a couple of mind games with Neville, the Rollins/Cesaro match at the end, etc. I was mostly pleased with last night's show.
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  8. I watched the Divas and Rollins Vs Cesaro. The first time I've actually watched any of smackdown in... I don't know how long. I did really enjoy both matches, so maybe there's hope that I'll watch more Smackdown in the future.
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  9. I adore what they're allowing Kevin Owens to do. He's perfectly suitable for it. He doesn't appear to like anybody at all. lol
  10. He's reminiscent of the old Stone Cold in that way. When Austin's heel run as Stone Cold was first getting started in the Summer of '96, he would occasionally attack another heel just as easily as he would any ordinary babyface. His character just didn't give a damn about whether the fans liked you or not. Hopefully they continue to book Owens the same - Someone who's willing to work with others so long as it's a beneficial to him, but will just as easily ditch or turn on them when it isn't.

    I've always hated this idea that all heels are friendly or buddy-buddy with one another just because they happen to share the common thread of being disliked by the fans, so it's always a pleasure to see them get into it with each other as well. The video below is a short but entertaining moment from 2002 with what happens when heels get in each other's faces:

  11. Thank you for posting. I had no clue the Undertaker was heel right there. lol. Maybe Hunter shares your thoughts and will begin to allow his performers to be more selfish.
  12. Things I watched:

    - Rusev vs KO was decent until KO walked away from the match.

    - Cesaro's promo, followed by Cesaro/KO having an exchange of words was nice.

    - The Bellas vs BAD was decent. Also, LOL'd at Bellas working as babyfaces.

    - Rollins vs Cesaro was a good ME.

    That's about it. CBA to check out anything else.
  13. I hardly even watch Smackdown anymore, ever since Bryan was injured and he wasn't there every week. By the looks of it, the wrestling is good but the fact that not half as much big stuff happens on Smackdown as there does on RAW annoys me.

    Oh, and Swagger vs Maddox is a match I would have tuned in to see.

    I wish they did the IC title open challenge on Smackdown and called up NXT guys, midcarders and legends to go for it. Would've made Smackdown must-see IMO.
  14. Ryback is injured, so they can't have the IC title open challenge right now.

    Hopefully they'll start doing it once this whole Ryback/Miz/Show feud is done. Post-SummerSlam would be my guess.
  15. Yep, kinda wish they did it with D-Bry (pretty sure he went several weeks before his injury again) or then started it immediately with Ryback.

    But hey, if they actually go ahead with it, I'm excited.
  16. Jesus I might have to watch this for the Owens retort alone. I still love the Jericho one to the fans jeering him.

    ETA:I had to.
  17. I only watch the final match between Rollins and Cesaro and it was pretty good.
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