Spoiler SmackDown 7/7/16 [Results]

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 6, 2016.

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    WWE taped the July 7th, 2016 SmackDown episode from Toledo, OH.
    Here are full WWE SmackDown spoilers.

    Show Spoiler


    – Singles Match: Seth Rollins defeated Jey Uso with Dean Ambrose on commentary. Ambrose mocked Rollins on the mic and made some funny announcements during the match. Rollins won with a Pedigree. Post-match, Ambrose, and Rollins had words.

    – Singles Match: Zack Ryder defeated Sheamus with the diving elbow drop. Post-match, Ryder cuts a promo and challenges Rusev for the WWE United States Title.

    – Rusev cuts a backstage promo and dismisses Ryder as a legit challenger.

    – Becky Lynch comes out for a match but Natalya attacks from behind. Natalya beats her down at ringside and applies the Sharpshooter.

    – Xavier Woods does a sit-down interview backstage about The Wyatt Family.

    – Enzo Amore and Big Cass cut a promo in the ring about saving John Cena on RAW. They told The Club to stop attacking Cena. This led to The Club walking out, and they cut a promo about Cena not being at the taping.

    – Singles Match: AJ Styles defeated Enzo Amore with the Styles Clash.

    – Chris Jericho is backstage looking for his blue scarf. Kevin Owens is wearing it, and they have some words.

    – Singles Match: The Miz defeated Kalisto with a Skull Crushing Finale.

    – Bob Backlund – Darren Young vignette from RAW was shown.

    – Sasha Banks cuts a backstage promo about WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte. This led to Charlotte interrupting and booked a match between Banks and Dana Brooke for RAW.

    – Singles Match: Sami Zayn defeated Chris Jericho with Kevin Owens on commentary. Post-match, Jericho interrupted Zayn’s celebration with a Codebreaker. This led to Owens hitting Zayn with a pop-up powerbomb to end the show.

    It should be noted that WWE did not make an announcement about who Brock Lesnar would be facing at SummerSlam next month at this taping. It’s likely that they will edit the announcement into the show so they can avoid the news leaking online.

    Source: WrestlingNews
  2. I'd love to rewind 2-3 years ago and let our former selves know that one day Sheamus will be jobbing to Zack Ryder
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    Yeah. Our former selves wouldn't believe it.
  4. This week's episode was solid and easy to watch.

    Ambrose's wacky stuff in the opener were a'ight.

    Rollins vs Jey Uso was a rock solid match.

    Ryder vs Sheamus was OK for what it was, it played off of RAW's finish AND HOLY SHIT RYDER WON! The teasing of a possible Ryder push continues.

    #KOIsLife. Enjoyed him on commentary during the ME and his stuff with Y2J.
    This was great:

    I think Y2J and KO paired together would make a hilarious tag team. Ya know, the good ol' "partners who hate each other" tag team.

    Nattie attacked Becky during her entrance. I dig the fact that they're not having matches every week prior to Battleground and then doing the "big blow-off" match there.

    There was a video package with The Wyatts/New Day, it featured stuff from this week's RAW angle, as well as highlights from the WWE.com interview with Woods. Woods said he's worried about The Wyatts, but will stand with his brothers when they visit The Wyatt compound.

    The Club/Enzo & Cass stuff was a'ight, as well as Styles/Enzo match that followed.

    The Miz vs Kalisto was solid. So glad The Miz got a nice, clean win here.

    Brock Lesnar's SummerSlam opponent is announced: It's Randy Orton.

    Zayn vs Y2J was a good ME. Post-match, Y2J laid out Sami with a Codebreaker and then KO attacked Sami and laid him out with a Pop-up Powerbomb.
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