Spoiler Smackdown 8/15/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Aug 12, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    * SmackDown kicks off with The Miz calling Roman Reigns out for MizTV. Reigns gets a pretty big reaction. Miz keeps interrupting Reigns so Reigns decks him with a shot to the mouth. Reigns cuts a promo on beating Randy Orton at SummerSlam and gets a big pop.

    * Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro in a good back & forth match. Seth Rollins came out after the match and cut a promo on Ambrose.

    * Reigns vs. The Miz is announced for later.

    * Dolph Ziggler defeated Titus O'Neil.

    * Mark Henry defeated Luke Harper by DQ when Erick Rowan interfered. Kane comes out and makes a tag match.

    * Henry and Big Show defeated Rowan and Harper in a good tag match. They got a big pop after the win.

    * Eva Marie defeated AJ Lee by count out when AJ chased after Paige who was taunting her. Paige ends up beating AJ down in the ring and skipping away.

    * Jack Swagger squashed Bo Dallas. Lana and Rusev came out after the match to huge heat and USA chants. Bo complained that he didn't really tap out.

    * Roman Reigns defeated The Miz in a decent main event. The Miz tried to bail on the match but Dolph Ziggler ran down and threw him back in the ring. Reigns celebrated to end SmackDown.

    Source: Ringside News
  2. The only un-average part of the show may have been Swagger/Dallas and the actual AJ/Eva Marie match itself (without the aftermath)
    I can probably picture EXACTLY and frame-by-frame how Smackdown played out.
    WWE is so average and predicatable, how the he** anybody pays their hard earned money to watch this crap is beyond me.

    Watching hot water run out of a faucet is more extraordinary than this.
  3. Well, at least this show didn't have 3 matches, so it's gonna be watchable.

    Cesajob contuinuing to job? Kudos to WWE for burying Cesaro. Idiots.
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  4. Literally nothing interesting had occurred on SmackDown in YEARS. Hardly any plot advancement, no titles ever switch hands, SD is a heap of shit these days.
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  5. Rowan and Harper are completely buried... Cesaro is having shit shoveled on him.. I give up.

    We definitely want to see a Big Show and Mark Henry tag team.. YES! Stupid fuckers!
  6. Rowan and Harper should've won the tag championships at MITB. Period.

    At this point, I wouldn't mind Big Show/Henry winning the titles or any other team winning 'em...
  7. It's like as soon as WWE begins heading down the right road, they take a 180 degree turn toward shitsville
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  8. Big Show and Henry tagging would work if they were heels.
    I hate Mark Henry as a face and Big Show no longer has a penis.
    They only won this match to establish their presence to say, "Hey, we're here". The idiots gave them their obligatory geriatric respect pop.
    Both cats are being held together by tape and this is the only way to get them on TV without having them dress up as Santa Claus.
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  9. Classic Smackdown. Interfere? Tag Match? You interfered? You lose bro!

    Wtf is the Big show doing back anyway? Oh well the rest looks decent.
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  10. Oddly enough, every report I'm getting indicates Big Show is extremely over lately.
  11. A Henry/Show heel team would give me fucking goosebumps.
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  12. Henry/Show sitting on the Uso's would genuinely make me p*ss my pants
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  13. It'd be such an interesting feud if Creative pulled it off right. Tbh, I wouldn't mind them beating the Usos in their first PPV showdown and hold the belts for a good while before letting them go.
    Again, I stress, ONLY if Creative can pull off something interesting.
    But of course, let's not get ahead of ourselves. Point is, they're faces, it's uninteresting, yet Creative LOVES the kid-friendly, gentle giant persona that they've slapped on a ton of big men over the course of WWE history.
  14. Big Show and Mark Henry as heels writes itself, it honestly does. I mean, sh**, they're huge. What's so difficult to brand about that?
    This goes back to my bias for more realism in wrestling. Even when Big Show wrestled in a heel tag before it was to put Miz and/or Jericho over as being superior to Big Show, himself.
    Kane did the same thing with Daniel Bryan. They're both fat sh**heads as faces but I'd take them over any other tags on the main roster, simply because of their size

    People are brainwashed into believing you must be a genius to be in creative. There are plenty on this very site capable of at least mediocre work.
  15. I've no problem of Big Show/Henry teaming together and beating The Usos. Sure, I wouldn't mind them being babyfaces (which they already are). But as heels, plus being tag team champs would just be a helluva lot better.
    But, knowing the WWE Creative, they're probably gonna screw it up. Whatever happened to Nation of Domination 2.0
  16. NOD 2 would drink d***
  17. Dean vs Cesaro was a really good match, those two seem to have great chemistry going against eachother.. maybe after Ambrose and Rollins finish up their feud we can see one involving Ambrose and Cesaro.. well granted the creative team does it right and doesn't try and create some bullshit storyline.
  18. Just done watching this episode, it was average.

    The only stuff worth watching were Roman punching Miz to the face on MizTV, Show/Henry vs Harper/Rowan and Ambrose vs Cesaro.
  19. I actually remembered Smackdown was on this week and recorded it for the first time in forever. Still can't be arsed to watch it, though.
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