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    Now that I have your attention, let's begin the review :tough:
    This Smackdown was pretty good actually. Opened up with a segment by Alberto Del Rio, which was GOAT when he announced he wanted to fight Ricardo and Brooklyn Brawler :haha: And Vickie making it sound like being GM for two weeks is great :pity: Pretty good opener though, and a decent main event, having RVD vs Orton vs Christian wasn't a bad option. ​
    Rhodes vs Swagger was decent, wasn't long, but at the same time wasn't to short. Both guys got in a good offense, got Rhodes a much needed win via sunset flip, but it also didn't make Swagger look weak. The mic time afterwards, and the beatdown from Sandow did great for both. It gave Rhodes a logical way of breaking away from him by bashing on Sandow's personality, and it made Sandow look very strong since there was about six people holding him back. ​
    Big E vs Cara wasn't bad. Big E winning of course, but Cara got in some fair offense, and it gave Big E some solo time. Ziggler watching the match helped with the feud between them a little.​
    CM Punk vs Fandango was actually a match I enjoyed to watch. Fandango got some time with a veteran, and some half ass build up, but he still got a great rub. He got some good offense, and used Summer to distract Punk as well. The win was awesome though, seeing Punk hit the Anaconda Vise is a very rare moment nowadays, seeing him win with it is even better. This will bring more attention to Fandango, so it's a win/win situation for both wrestlers here.​
    The interview with RVD, Christian, and Orton was meh. Vintage boring RVD and thumb pointing to himself, Christian was okay, and it was good of Orton to say he would be the first man to hold both the World Heavyweight title and WWE title, made him look pretty good there.​
    AJ Lee vs Kaitlyn was good in terms of current diva's wrestling, even though it seemed to short for me, and was the same people fighting over and over again. The real highlight of the match was Layla's heel turn though, while Kaitlyn was throwing AJ around like a rag doll, Layla stopped her, thus giving AJ the edge to win by submission. It's gonna be interesting on what reason they give for her betrayal. ​
    RVD vs Christian vs Orton was okay. What I think was the best though was after the match. Christian getting respect from both men, then getting attacked by Del Rio. It sells him being a good face, and it's great build up towards their feud.​
    That's all I got, gave Smackdown a 7/10 :phew: Stay warm, and remember. :damn:

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  2. Good review, it was a pleasure to watch it with ya.
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  3. It was a fun thread :obama: Glad it's still only a two hour show.
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