Spoiler Smackdown 8/2

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Nano, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. Vickie Guerrero then storms out, and declares that Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, and Christian will face off tonight in a triple threat match to determine who gets to face Del Rio at Summerslam for the World Heavyweight Title.
    Match #1: Cody Rhodes defeated Jack Swagger
    Rhodes and Swagger have some good back and forth, until Rhodes wins the match with a roll up. Josh Matthews sweeps in for an interview with Rhodes, but his former tag team partner Damien Sandow jumps him and delivers a vicious beatdown.
    Match #2: Big E Langston defeated Sin Cara
    Sin Cara does his best to take down the huge Big E, but when the luchador goes for a springboard maneuver Langston catches his much smaller foe and delivers his finisher, the Big Ending, for the pin.
    Match #3: CM Punk defeated Fandango
    In this rematch of the last Smackdown's main event, CM Punk is able to take down the dancing machine and get the win via submission.
    Match #4: AJ Lee defeated Kaitlyn (Divas Title match)
    Layla is out with Kaitlyn to lend support, but it is all for naught as AJ is able to get the pin for the win. Layla then turns on Kaitlyn and leaves the match with AJ, giving the psycho diva another ally along with Big E Langston.
    Booker T is then out to discuss being honored in his hometown of Houston for Booker T Day.
    Match #5: Christian defeated Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton (Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match)
    All three men give their all to obtain the right to face Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship. In the end, Randy Orton hits the RKO on Van Dam, but before he can capitalize Christian rolls up Orton for the win. However, after the match Alberto Del Rio attacks Christian, leaving the champ standing tall as Smackdown ends.

    Source: lordsofpain.net
  2. inb4 Christian injured
  3. Can happen, but Christian will face del Rio at SummerSlam :yay:
  4. Seems like a solid Smackdown, pretty shocked to see Christian get the shot. I'm happy about it though.
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  5. I'm happy too. Orton could be the WH and WWE champion at the same time, and should BVD be the champion? In my opinion, no because he's boring as fuck. (just need to remember his last X Division title reign...)
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