Spoiler Smackdown 8/22/14 results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Aug 20, 2014.

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    WWE taped the August 22, 2014 SmackDown episode from the US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ. Here are the SmackDown spoilers:​

    Dark Matches

    * Adam Rose defeated Fandango with the Party Foul.

    * Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston with The Neutralizer.

    WWE SmackDown

    * Randy Orton kicks off SmackDown with a promo talking about Roman Reigns. Orton says Reigns won a battle but not the war. He says tonight’s main event against Rob Van Dam is an example of what he will do to other Superstars.

    * Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger is up next. Rollins hits a Curb Stomp outside of the ring and wins by count out.

    * After the match, Bo Dallas comes out and tells Swagger to keep Bo-lieving and don’t be a Jack Zero.

    * Backstage segment with The Miz asking Kane for another shot against Dolph Ziggler. Kane says it won’t happen but puts Miz in a match with Roman Reigns tonight.

    * Rusev squashed Sin Cara.

    * Backstage segment with Rob Van Dam. Randy Orton attacks him from behind and they brawl to the ring. They continue fighting and both get counted out. Orton continues to viciously attack RVD after the match and hits the draping DDT from the barrier.

    * Natalya vs. Paige in a non-title match is next. AJ Lee comes out and takes the Divas Title. Paige grabs the title back but Natalya takes advantage and gets the win with a Sharpshooter.

    * Stardust and Goldust defeated Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. After the match, Rowan and Harper beat them up.

    * Roman Reigns defeated The Miz with a spear. After the match, Randy Orton came out and had a staredown with Reigns. They brawled to end SmackDown.

    Source: PWMania
  2. Half ass SmackDown as usual. What really is the point of having 2 different recap shows for RAW? Main Event is an hour long yet it only has a maximum 3 matches with nothing but recaps in between. SmackDown is just a rematch show from RAW. You see the exact same lower card matches from RAW on SmackDown because I'm guessing the bookers are to tired to conjure up another "Great Match."
  3. "Smackdown: The weekly show dedicated to punching Miz in the face" has a very nice ring to it.
  4. SmackDown: "You saw Fandango get distracted on RAW? You'll see him get distracted on SmackDown :jericho:"

    Has a better ring to it.
  5. So as some suspected, the Randy Orton/Roman Reigns feud is continuing. One month ago, I would have hated seeing this rivalry continue past Summerslam but Orton has really stepped it up in recent weeks and reverting a lot more back to his old Viper persona has helped make their bad blood more personal. Their Summerslam match was 10x better than I was expecting it to be. Plus, being honest, Orton IS a former multi-time world champion, Royal Rumble winner and Wrestlemania main eventer among other things. It's probably best if Reigns doesn't just blow through him in one month like he's just any other disposable adversary. Make Orton look like a competent opponent so that Reigns going over him twice actually means something.

    If handled correctly, I can live with this feud lasting till the rubber match inside the cell in October. Reigns/HHH can be saved for Survivor Series, or if they book it properly enough, maybe even all the way to next year's Wrestlemania.
  6. Pretty generic, like always. Good to hear Cesaro's on the winning side again, though.

    The Wyatts lost, again? Really? The burial has started. Ignorant WWE. It's only a matter of time before another great faction like The Wyatt Family is dismantled with no good explanation.
  7. Not a terrible Smackdown.
    The Divas are showing intensity, which is unusual.
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  8. They haven't a clue what to do with The Wyatts other than bury them. It's a shame, considering the crowds actually seem to give 2 shits about 'em.
  9. Are you under the impression the Wyatt's are penciled in to be big players in WWE's future?
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  10. No one carries a show like orton
  11. Watching this episode right now. Hopefully it doesn't put me to sleep. Good to see Tom Phillips on commentary, btw. It's a refreshment, since Cole is so annoying...
  12. Was an okay episode of Smackdown, glad I didn't watch it live because I had better things to do but still an alright episode.
  13. It was decent. 5/10

    Rollins won
    Orton destroyed RVD
    Just seeing AJ Lee/Paige does it for me
    Reigns spearing Miz
    Good match 'tween the weirdos that I love. The Dust bros and The Wyatts
    Orton/Reigns brawl

    Orton openning the show and his promo being a 'yawn fest' as usual
    Don't get me wrong, I love Stardust and Goldust, but quit burying Harper and Rowan
    No fight 'tween Henry and Rusev
    Rusev vs Sin Cara
    Miz wearing that white shit. What a fashion victim. lol
    No Cesaro or Bray
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