Spoiler SmackDown 8/8/14 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Roadster, Aug 5, 2014.

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    There were a lot of recap videos tonight.

    * Dean Ambrose kicks off SmackDown with an in-ring promo. Seth Rollins interrupts from the stage. Ambrose announces a Lumberjack Match for SummerSlam. Rollins picks Ambrose's opponent for tonight and it's Randy Orton.

    * Seth Rollins defeated Dolph Ziggler.

    * Sin Cara defeated Damien Sandow.

    * Paige defeated Natalya.

    * Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Stardust and Goldust.

    * There was a promo with Chris Jericho talking about Bray Wyatt and SummerSlam.

    * Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton ended in a No Contest when Seth Rollins interfered and a brawl broke out. This was a lengthy match that went close to 30 minutes.

  2. 3 matches?
  3. Sin Cara beat Sandow. Holy sh** that's crappy. LOL
    Rollins sics Orton on Ambrose. Geez, as if anybody wants to wrestle that boring cat.
    Seth defeated Ziggler? For what purpose? If its simply to make it clear Miz is winning at 'Slam, then point taken.

    Rollins interferes? What a shock, WWE, what a shock.
  4. As brad said, just three matches? Seems like it could be a bore.
    I for one can not stand when segments/promo's go on too long.
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  5. Long segments can be good if they have a purpose and are executed efficiently.
    We're far too impatient these days. I'd hate to see how the crowd would react to a true hour long match.
    I could see the crowd sh***ing on it. Chanting "You can't wrestle" at a guy who actually can is hyprocritical.
  6. It was meh. 4/10
  7. I find it hard to believe there was only 3 matches. That's incredible
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  8. Do you really? Do you really find that hard to believe?
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  9. Are you posting just to post? Shut the fuck up lol
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  10. Get over yourself, son.
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  11. This brawl every week thing with Ambrose and Rollins is starting to get stale. Then again what isn't stale in WWE?
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  12. I'll quote Tsar, "Again".
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