News Smackdown championships revealed tonight.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Botchie, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. Will they be better than the Universal Championship?Probably...that doesn't take much.
  2. Tag and womens?
  3. I assume. But he might be referring to a new set of tag titles only.
  4. The same man who predicted the Universal Title Design has revealed the tag titles are full new design, the women's title with have blue instead of red, on top of that, Ambrose is expecting a new blue colored title tonight, this is from that redditor
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  5. The Titles:


    Tag Team


    Not sure how I feel about the tag titles but love the look of the women's title. I don't mind the blue leather as much as I did the red of the universal title though.
  6. Meh, not a fan.
  7. Big fan of the tag belts. Mainly because they aren't bronze anymore. Ideally they'd be gold because every belt should be. But I'll take them not being bronze. Blue leather is nice and will probably not break down as quickly as white leather.
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