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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Shadow, Dec 1, 2015.

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  1. [​IMG]
    WWE taped the December 3rd, 2015 Smackdown episode from the GIANT Center in Hershey, PA.
    Here are the full Smackdown spoilers:​

    Dark match

    Baron Corbin defeated Zack Ryder.

    WWE SmackDown

    * SmackDown kicks off with Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos in the ring calling out The League of Nations. They come out and we get an eight-man main event for tonight. The New Day comes out and says The Usos and Ambrose have to fight them in order to be Reigns’ partners in the main event.

    * Tyler Breeze defeated Neville with the Unprettier. Dolph Ziggler was on commentary and the crowd was dead for this match.

    * Brie Bella defeated Becky Lynch by DQ when WWE Divas Champion Charlotte ran in and attacked Brie after Brie earlier knocked Charlotte down outside of the ring. Alicia Fox was also at ringside.

    * WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Usos and Dean Ambrose when Xavier Woods pinned Jimmy Uso. Reigns will now be alone in the main event.

    * Bray Wyatt squashed Devon Dudley and pinned him after Sister Abigail. After the match, The Wyatt Family also beat down Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley, who were at ringside. They beat the ECW Originals up with kendo sticks and put Dreamer through a table.

    * Roman Reigns vs. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, United States Champion Alberto Del Rio, Rusev and King Barrett in a Handicap match is next. Barrett got eliminated half-way into the match. Rusev works over Reigns pretty good now. Reigns ends up winning by count out. After the match, Sheamus hits Reins with a Brogue Kick and out come The Usos with Ambrose. The babyfaces help Reigns fight off The League of Nations and stand tall to end SmackDown.

    Source: PWMania
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  2. Reigns WOULD still win somehow in a 4 on 1 handicap match...
  3. Also its interesting Baron Corbin and Finn Balor have been doing dark matches. I bet they'll be in the Royal Rumble and on the main card soon. I think Balor will be dropping his title to Joe
  4. Not watching this clusterfuck of a show.
  5. Finn isn't dropping the title to Joe in London. I can see Corbin and Joe leaving NXT before Finn does, actually.

    But, I could see Finn dropping the title at the next Takeover which'll take place in February, if it's their plan to have all three of 'em on the main roster during WM season.
  6. Oh my god it's official, LOLREIGNSWINS... Seriously, they just ruined their brand new stable... fucks sake and they have the WWE Champion run away once again because he's a heel. Fuck this shit.
  7. This show... wow. This was... interesting? Is that the word? I guess?
  8. It was THAT interesting, eh? Gotta love SmackDown.
  9. There was a must-see moment here. EV2 made their entrance. "Commercial". Wyatts' graphic played, then played again to signal the ambush. Cut back to the arena where R-Truth randomly appeared on the stage. He waved to the crowd before the graphic played again for the actual entrance. Lol
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  10. :dawg:
  11. Actually liked this little angle.

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  12. Soooo, I guess I'll try to do this.

    Guess the easiest way to explain this show was that I loved and hated everything at the same time.
    It was stupid booking combatted with a fresh feel to everything, things you just don't see all that often.

    Fun Fact: If you watched both Raw and Smackdown - lol - you got 40 minutes of opening segment chit-chat! :yay: So if you enjoy Sheamus promos, you're on Cloud Nine.

    Seriously though, this opening segment was pretty rough, with a few bright spots: First, New Day. Second, New Day mocking Roman's 18000 catchphrases. Third, New Day making their white guy announcer voices again. Fourth... Sheamus. Ya know, Stone Cold Sam Adams has a bit of a point, Sheamus's promos really have improved... or maybe that's being across from Roman Reigns, who's saying the most generic shit now. "Why don't you come down RIGHT HERE TONIGHT and we can fight!" ugh, where's some magic beans when we need 'em. But Sheamus looks like he's having a blast! Speaking of such, whoever wrote "Ambrose stands in the ring while Roman and an Uso do all the talking for da family" can go blast off into outer space. Also whoever decided to have one heel faction undermine another who was out there to announce what a third heel faction wanted. Also, this convoluted nonsense of the League of Babyfaces announcing a match announced by the Authority, then the New Day changing the match, then "WWE officials" getting that stipulation changed. This was SO Russo, but I'm all for some Russo right now.

    Line of the Night: "At TLC, we'll be in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. That means your little buddies over there can't interfere." - Roman, who has the IQ of broccoli soup.

    as for Tyler Breeze vs Neville, I couldn't pay attention as I was too distracted by the sad trombone music and trying to finish my time machine...

    okay, the good things about the Divas' match: BECKY!!! Beck-y! Beck-y! Beccck-y! The bad things start with how hard it is to transition that over to text, and then... Is it just me, or is this Charlotte turn dumb as hell? Then the match with Brie never gets going before the dumb ass Irish Whip Fail finish with Charlotte getting butthurt and breaking up a submission, which causes Brie to win the match and her theme song to cause blood to pour out of the ears of the five people who actually watch Smackdown before Becky gets pissy at Charlotte for not waiting five fucking seconds for Brie to tap and... I watched this after NXT which... is... not recommended, especially with the same chicks involved in this "match" where LITERALLY EVERYTHING IS DONE WRONG... but I kinda liked it, just because it was just cool to see Becky not being in the shadows anymore and a fresh face as the top face (only face?) of the division! :yay:

    New Day vs La Familia was a TON of fun!!! Thanks, Snowwie, for only watching Smackdown (outside of that tournament) so I'm not as numb to six-man tags as most because this was a blast. Double hot tags to dudes who are pretty great at them before all hell breaks loose at the finish and dudes are flying everywhere and amidst all the chaos New Day cheat to win. Great! And then Roman gets a handicap main event, which I believe 82% of handicap matches in the last 3 years have been won by the person with the disadvantage. 70% of them were because Kane ran in for a DQ, but still.

    Speaking of new things, Bray Wyatt actually wrestled in a TV match!!!!?!?!?!??! What the hell? Yeah seeing him utterly wreck Devon was awesome! Please, more Bray Wyatt squashes, we need them! And the postmatch attack was so pro wrestling too. Bray held Devon in the Sister Abigail position, and threatened Bully/Dreamer to come in. Like a live hostage scene. Come in, and he eats it... Then the goons throw a table in the ring and set it up, Bray tries to throw him into it, but Devon escapes! And then throws Rowan into it instead, causing the hillbillies to be stunned enough for the ECDUB dudes to run in and start laying haymakers with kendo sticks and MORE EXCITEMENT AND CHAOS ENSUES! Love this! Duck Dynasty gets the advantage, Dreamer goes through a table, and they all pose in the ring. Welcome to Smackdown, where Wyatt looks strong every week before he gets beat up on Raw again

    The main event... wow... what to say about this...

    *gulp*... I liked it.

    Was it stupid to not just have the babyfaces win with a 4-on-1 advantage? Yeah. Was it ridiculous for one member of a tag team - gotta let the Royal Jester look like a jackass - get DQed for the same shit people do in every tag match? Yeah. But this just felt very unique and different and like there were actual odds to overcome, and Roman really didn't overcome them. He won the match due to an insane bout of luck, somewhat-believably (by WWE standards) laying everyone out outside, punching ADR across the announce table and sneaking in the ring right at the count of 9.5, and right after the countout win Sheamus boots him in the face. This came across MUCH differently than Cena piling the Wyatts on top of each other with AAs or whatever.

    Honestly, my biggest issue with this show was how inconsequential Ambrose and the Usos felt in the end. Granted, they tried to save face because he would have got his shit kicked in in the end had those three not made the save, but... Roman fighting off all three guys - individually, but still - kinda made you wonder why he needs the help of these three guys.

    But in the end, this came off to me like Vince made the call of "Book Roman to beat the League 4 on 1 mwahahahahaha" and the writers just doing the best they can. Weird show though.
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  13. Tell me he didn't just say that?!:booker:
  14. Highlight of Smackdown: I went over to the WWE YT page to see if that stupid line was highlighted, but they didn't even bother showing a video of the opening promo. :win:

    Shoot they even uploaded a highlight package of that dumb ass "aye Usos if Roman can't win in 5:15 then y'all lose your title shots" promo but don't upload that. Awesome.
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  15. OIC.

    Well, it's SmackDown. What happens there, has actually never happened. :quimby:
  16. Hey now, Smackdown has storylines and continuity and such! :why: it's just all forgotten by Monday. :emoji_slight_smile: Where they really want you to not forget Monday Night Raw on some TV channel at some time! Come watch, where anything happens there either is also forgotten by the next week's episode! :yay:
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  17. Gotta love WWE. :otunga:
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