Smackdown Discussion: For guys that just want someone to talk to while watching.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Danielson, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. JOIN ME!
  2. Did it start? Lol.
  3. It starts in 20 mins!
  4. I need to find a streaming site lol.
  5. Check your pms in a min.
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  6. Can I have a link too? Bored and can't sleep.
  7. I'm working on finding some, i'll PM you both.
  8. Yeah sure Danny
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  9. Yo, wuzzup?
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  10. I found one, it's ok. Want me to Pm you?
  11. Okay guys, I sent you a link. Just start it at 8 and we can all watch together.
  12. Nice. Live taped Discussion lol.
  13. Yes, PM everyone that needs a link.
  14. Not much, you down to watch with a few guys?
  15. Oh btw! Everyone that joins me gets likes on every post. :obama:
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  16. Yup, Got my pizza and TV ready.
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  17. YES! Free likes, extra posts and a nice discussion over Smackdown!
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  18. Sounds good! Only 9 mins. Are you going to watch on tv or a link?

  19. Like I don't already :pity:
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  20. lol that's true!