Smackdown episode 658

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  1. Hi guys, I have a review here, which will review each episode of Smackdown, comment on it on what you think, I do enjoy hearing what others think of each episode.

    Smackdown episode 658 reviewed

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  2. Very detailed review, I like the amount of effort you put into it.

    Agree with everything you said in the Cody/Booker paragraph. Booker was kayfabe upset beacuse he's been saying he wanted one more ruin as IC on commentary, hence the aftermath segment with him sitting in the ring. Booker did tire towards the end definitely, but the match itself was incredible for a man of his age now.

    Noticed this was said "however I was startled why they chose a period from when Jericho was a heel. and they chose Match Footage from when Jericho lost. Do you know why" They're random matches shown on the vault aren't they? Don't know if it was for a reason, but you seem to think Jericho will remain face. It's highly thought of that Jericho is a heel on his return, he was simply trolling on his return. Did you here the boo's towards the end? That's how good Jericho is. Returns to pop of the night, doesn't speak but every-member of the crowd was sitting in his hands, then gets them to boo him all without saying a word. He's incredible.
  3. You might be right, I did mention that he was booed at the end in my RAW review. I don't care if he's heel, he is an incredible athlete and wrestler, one of the best heel's ever. Post a comment on the blog, see what others have to say
  4. SmackDown was great, I'd probably lower it to a 8/10 because of the Teddy Long segments and Big Show in the main event.
  5. I would, but Mark Henry was so funny in the event, gotta be a nine
  6. Lol Mark Henry was such a beast.

  7. Lol, I love that, Couldn't tell what he said after "get otta my face" I do hope Show has one more title run before he retires
  8. Makes me miss Mark more. I didn't like him before his title run, but him as a heel is the most entertaining thing in WWE for years personally. The guy looks intimidating as f***. Like that push with Bryan, that was epic. He plays the role perfectly.

    Big Show, take lessons.
  9. I agree, he and Miz are the ultimate heels in WWE at the present moment
  10. Miz isn't at the moment with the way WWE are booking him. Mark used to be, not anymore once again because of WWE. Currently the top two I'd say are Jericho & Barrett with Cody just below them.