SmackDown Five-Point Preview: July 27, 2012

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  1. SmackDown Five-Point Preview: July 27, 2012


    Tonight, four former World Champions — Rey Mysterio, Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan and Kane — will battle in a Fatal 4-Way to determine who has the right to challenge World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. (WATCH FATAL 4-WAY PLAYLIST)

    The fast-paced style of Mysterio has always been suited ideally for the Fatal 4-Way Match. In addition, the contest will surely be extremely personal for him. Since his return from injury on the July 16 edition of Raw, The Ultimate Underdog has kept one eye locked on the Superstar who put him out of action, Alberto Del Rio. Surely, he will be hungry for additional retribution.

    The Mexican Aristocrat certainly will be concerned by the combined threat that both his masked adversary and his other cunning opponents present. Nevertheless, his distinct advantage lies in his ruthless pursuit of his destiny. Without a doubt, he will do whatever it takes to capture, once again, an opportunity to face Sheamus.

    Kane thrives on mayhem, plain and simple. What that means is that he is specifically designed for the kind of out-of-control circumstances that the Fatal 4-Way main event will bring into play. And after being reunited with his Brother in Destruction, The Undertaker, on Monday's Raw 1,000, the momentum could very well carry him to victory.

    Bryan had an incredible match with The Big Red Monster one week ago on SmackDown. But, his world has turned completely upside-down since then. Although he has all the skill in the world and is as thirsty as any of his opponents to get another chance at the World Title, is he mentally set? His now-former fiancée, the new General Manager of Raw AJ, left him at the altar. Now, it seems that she holds his fate in her hands come Monday night. Will Bryan be able to get by this turmoil and get back to glory?

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