SmackDown Five-Point Preview: June 22, 2012

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  1. SmackDown Five-Point Preview: June 22, 2012


    Last Sunday at No Way Out, Dolph Ziggler challenged World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, coming extremely close to capturing the illustrious title. And though he now has three straight loses to The Great White, number four could very well prove to be The Showoff’s lucky number.

    Ziggler is, above all else, one of the smartest competitors in WWE. Sure, his motivations are completely self-serving, but that’s the point here. Someone once said, the best way to get to know a Superstar is the face him in the ring. Well, Dolph has taken close note of Sheamus at every pass, and the determined grappler may finally have the perfect plan to triumph over The Great White.

    With Vickie Guerrero firmly in his corner after his victory Monday night over Jack Swagger, Ziggler looks to make a huge statement on SmackDown by dropping the Irish Champion – easier said than done. Standing across the ring from him will be perhaps WWE’s hottest Superstar. Sheamus has done so in the past, but for how long can The Great White hold off such a determined tour-de-force?

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  2. Here is a better preview you dumbass bot

    "Teddy Long is in the ring and is interrupted by The Big Show. Show said that he didn't care about John Laurinaitis or the WWE fans. Brodus Clay hit the ring. Big Show attacked Brodus, but Brodus was able to get the advantage. David Otunga ran out and saved Big Show. Big Show then knocked out Brodus and left the ring. Otunga then danced to Brodus' music.

    Ryback destroyed two local wrestlers.

    Mick Foley and Vickie Guerrero were involved in a backstage segment. Couldn't make out what was being said, but at one point The Great Khali was proposed to be a manager's assistant.

    Alberto Del Rio defeated Christian in a long match. After the match, Cody Rhodes attacked Christian.

    Big Show apparently said he's done with Cena and will be in the MITB match

    Kane b. Daniel Bryan. AJ acted as the guest timekeeper. Bryan had Kane in a submission hold, and AJ, worried about Kane, rang the bell early. The call was deemed unofficial, but the bell distracted Bryan long enough for Kane to hit the chokeslam.

    Zack Ryder defeated Heath Slater.

    The Usos are out next. AW announces the Prime Time Players, who proceed to the the Usos.

    The Usos are out next. AW announces the Prime Time Players, who proceed to the the Usos.

    Santino Marella comes out and gets kissed by someone in the crowd. Santino then left.

    Jack Swagger came out an cut a promo. He talked about being an "All American American." Triple H's music hits and he hits the ring, nails Swagger with a pedigree and then heads to the back. This will likely not be televised.

    World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler with the Brogue kick.
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