Smackdown gets a new intro and theme

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]

    So yeah, no more Green Day.
  2. I miss Greenday, but i'm liking the intro video for it. Does this mean Raw will be getting a new one too?
  3. Great, I love Green Day, but I prefer this other intro theme =)
  4. Definitely an improvement in both song and video. Especially the video, which is fantastic. My only problem with it is the part with Antonio Cesaro doesn't fit with the rest of the video due to utilizing Raw's color red instead of Smackdown blue.
  5. Finally, Green Day has gone! If you compare both RAW and SmackDown themes to the themes used years ago, you will hear the cries from AE marks.
  6. Better than Green Gay.
  7. Video isn't bad, but I can't tell if this is an upgrade in song or not. Green Day was annoying, but exciting.
    This is just boring, so guess it fits Smackdown perfectly.
  8. Didn't they have this intro for last weeks smackdown?
  9. A bit lazy, they already used this song for the match screen bitty previously. It's alright, just rather meh.
  10. Yeah, it's alright, nothing wrong with it.
  11. The song is good but has been so badly edited. It's as choppy as watching SmackDown itself.
  12. I hate Green Day, but this song isn't much better either :idontcare:
  13. Liked he old one . Like this one However , too much sheamus on here :otunga:
  14. Less Sheamus, more DZ and Cesaro.
  15. I thought it was a pretty good intro. Nothing to scream and shout about but it looks nice and professional.
  16. So it begins with Sheamus-Orton and ends with Sheamus-Orton

    Smooth, WWE, smooth.
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