Smackdown last night

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by UkSciFiGirl, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. Last nights Smackdown show was brilliant, the atmosphere was great, but of course what do they start with??
    Saturday Morning Slam featuring the return of Jack Swagger and some local wrestler whos name I didnt hear.
    It was a squash match enough said.
    Then it was tag-team action between the Uso's (no intro due to restrictions on pyro) and Justin Gabriel/Tyson Kidd who got a amazing response from the crowd.
    Sadly they didnt win and the Uso's were booed and called cheaters by several fans next to me.
    Also there was Ted Dibiase vs Jinder Mahal (didnt care for this)

    Then it was Smackdown.
    The biggest cheers on the night went to Wade Barrett (of course), William Regal, Sheamus and Randy Orton
    The boos went to the Big show( with a mixture of chants of you fat Bastard, who ate all the pies), Kofi Kingston( which was weird) and the Primetime Players.
    No Dolph Ziggler as they were advertising he would be there, turns out he was in Glasgow for the Raw part of the tour
    No Diva's match as well, which was weird to me

    And finally Main Event
    R-Truth vs Heath Slater
    And the best match of the night
    Sheamus vs Wade Barrett
  2. I thought it was an enjoyable show, a bit dull in places, but enjoyable.
  3. I enjoyed it too, it was the best event/concert ive been to and i have been to a few
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