Smackdown Live Discussion 11/1/13 feat. Senhor and Rise

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dat Kid, Nov 1, 2013.

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  1. Five Point Preview
    - I have no idea what's going on
    - I think Cena's gonna be there
    - WWE App
    - Someone's gonna talk on the mic
    - Someone's gonna wrestle
  2. We start off with AMERICA!
  3. Made this live.
  4. I'll make you live
  5. That was the laziest run in I've ever seen. The whole set up was lackadasical
  6. The disbanding of The Shield'll is pretty obvious and part of me wishes it wasn't but the other half knows that it'll be awesome when it happens
  7. Should change this to the Jabri talks to himself live self discussion
  8. Yo, Imma here
  9. CENA!!! :yay: Sandow vs Cena should be good :obama:
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  11. We need Big Hoss as AW
  12. Real Americans/Goldust and Rhodes? :hmm: Not bad
  13. Big Hoss is black?
  14. I've enjoyed every match The Rhodes Family has been in
  15. They say he is :hmm:
  16. They've been beyond impressive in my opinion. I know Cody is probally gonna be main eventing, but I hope after this feud, they give Goldust a midcard reign before sending him off. He deserves something for himself after being by Cody's side, and reinventing himself to be more serious and still stay sharp in the ring.
  17. I would love for them to fight at mania like Goldust was petitioning for a couple years ago
  18. Gangsta rap made Bray Wyatt do it
  19. Fooq, it's us!
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  20. :yay: Black power
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