Smackdown live discussion 12/06/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Dec 6, 2013.

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  1. Anyone else watching? DB just got the weakest YES! Chant ever.
  2. Yeah, I'm watching. What part are you on?
  3. Commercial, DB and Orton just conversed.
  4. MIGHT tune in. Got nothing better to do tonight.

    WWE are really good at killing 'rasslers momentum :pity1:
  5. :yay: join the dark side my son!
  6. Wife took the oldest Xmas shopping so me and the tiny one are watching Smackdown! MY LIFE IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!
  7. Just found out my GF likes hardcore wrestling.

    Anyway, tuning in now :yay: :gusta:
  8. Are they showing y'all some 2K14 crap atm?
  9. I can see your deleted post :lol1: @Rusty
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  10. How's the show so far?
  11. Right now it's the Rhodes brothers entrance.
  12. Nothing interesting to report. Goldie is on now, so that's good. Here cums Ryback! :happy: and Axel!
  13. Too laggy for me atm. Might came back a bit later.
  14. Senhor Perfect: Miracle Worker. Your use of that smiley just makes Ryback segments awesome.

    Streams suck tonight
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  15. Lesnar is nominated for Superstar of the year? For what,two MATCHEST?!?! BOLD SHIT!!!
  16. I'm getting History Channel ads on Sky. Stunned to see Britain get that. :haha:
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  17. Think guys get annoyed at Goldust after all his face paint rubs off on their chests and back? :hmm:
  18. Oh, hey, look, show! :yay:

    Can't help but look at Goldie and wonder how long it takes to put that on. It can't be worth it.
  19. I'm probably in the minority here, but Cody does nothing for me. Just seems so vanilla. Nothing sets him apart.
  20. AxBack wins!!!!! Yes. That's their team name now!
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