Smackdown must go Live again.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Asskicker, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I think Smackdown needs to go back live again because Smackdown being live feels so much better and Smackdown could be an interesting show again.

    Also they need to treat Smackdown like Raw and make good feuds already damnit!
  2. I enjoy live shows more but live TV takes alot of money and Smackdown is usually where the superstars who botch go as they can edit out their mistakes whilst they adapt to being on TV.
  3. Yeah but come on, It just takes away the excitement of Smackdown. That's why smackdown is going down the drain. Or else, CHRISTIAN NEEDS TO RETURN!
  4. Forget Christian Paul Heyman needs to return. He could turn any amount of crap into excellence. It's all in the booking for excitement really. Take raw for example alot of the time it's incredibly dull even when it's live.
  5. Oh I completely agree. SmackDowns last main event in a PPV was Taker vs Kane. Don't see why Vince won't give Heyman complete control of SmackDown... he'd revitalize it.

    SD being taped just means half the amount of viewers/ratings. It's pointless. If superstars can't handle live TV, get them on Superstars.
  6. True, Paul Heyman would be a great addition and support for WWE. He could still recover some new edginess back to the Show. or else Christian is entertaining I only watched Smackdown when he was on.
  7. Guarantee if Heyman was there, they'd see sense and have Christian in the main event again with Bryan.
  8. Yeah that would be an epic match
  9. Keep clicking your sig thinking it's a video :angry: lmao
  10. Atleast I'm not the only one who fell for that :blush: .
  11. Lmao, thing is, I've probably done it 5 times now. :ninja:
  12. Heyman/Steph actually work well together

    He's the only guy that has made her look like a real booker

    They basically stood behind Cena before Vince did

    Believe it or not, Heyman/Steph were more responsible for the rapper gimmick than Vince ever was
  13. Wasn't the rapper gimmick originally supposed to be a one off thing for a Halloween special and it kind of stuck?
  14. I did not hear that, so I cannot deny it.

    Heyman and Steph had free reign and she wasn't undermining him

    02-03 was a blast for SD and new things were happening all the time

    If it was a one off thing, I'm glad they stuck with it