SmackDown Not Moving Back To Thursdays After All

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by WarMachine, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. It turns out that SmackDown isn't moving back to Thursdays after all. According to PWInsider, SyFy has released their fall schedule for shows. And I quote


  2. It is. That was an error on their part.
  3. The craziest part about the statement to me is that SyFy managed to acquire the rights to Starz' Spartacus series, that's pretty dope.. I'm glad though they decided not to move because Thursday is already so flooded with me.
  4. This article dated September 20, 2014

    In an apparently changes of plans, WWE Friday Night Smackdown is indeed staying on Fridays.

    It was widely expected that the show would be moving to Thursday nights on Syfy in the new fall season. Early Syfy lineups had the change in place, and TNA Impact actually moved to Wednesday as a pre-emptive measure.

    However, Syfy has had success in promoting a new series “Spartacus” on Thursdays and has decided to keep the show on Thursdays. That means that Smackdown will not move and stay on Fridays after all.
  5. Could you imagine big show vs rusev getting a pop? WWE needs to kill smackdown, move main event to thursday and make it live for 1 hour...and test it out. Smackdown is dead as fuck and is about as live as your wwe14 game offline.
  6. Isnt the dude from Spartacus dead? Jesus a 28th reboot.
  7. From the first season yeah Andy Whitfield however Liam McIntyre did seasons 2 and 3 (not Gods of the Arena the "prequel" series.
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  8. Who cares? It's shite anyways.
  9. Doesn't really affect me, although it could get them more views to do it at a bit earlier time and on Thursdays, since most people go out on Fridays and don't stick to the television to watch anything.
  10. Plus, both Raw and SD as a product don't have the urgency on 'em anymore... They don't have that 'I can't wait to see what they'll do next' thing they used to. So, that's the main reason people have been skipping it or stopped watching.
  11. I know, that's why I don't watch it
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  12. Smackdown is still the most watched TV program on Fridays in the states.

    It's not that RAW and Smackdown has less viewers and interest. But wrestling as a whole.

    Long gone are the days of 70k crowds in the tokyo dome every 3 months
  13. Are people really going out in droves on Friday nights anymore? I live in a small town and the computer holds my interest a tad more than going out.
    How often can you keep going out every Friday? Is it really that fantastic? I may be in the minority, here. It's a legitimate question.
  14. Pretty much all of my old coworkers went out on Fridays, and still do. While I myself do prefer being home on Fridays, I know tons of people who still go out on Friday. Going to get drunk, to go to Mexico(fuck that shit), playing pool, to the beach and other things, especially for a city like San Diego. Even I get dragged out by the gf to go out here and there.
  15. I worked as a bartender in a college town for 4 years while in College.

    Fridays are still king
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  16. Yeah, it's definitely better to go out on Friday and have fun with your friends, than staying home to watch bloody SmackDown.
  17. I figured a young cat like you from San Diego would be going out. I understand that and, quite frankly, you should be going out.
    I'm a bit hard pressed to believe people are going out in droves on Friday night these days.
    If work isn't keeping you on Fridays, it would be my experience that anything on a computer would probably be better.
    You can only go out so many times on Friday before that sh*t gets old and repetitive.

    Of course when I lived in a bigger town, was younger and had no computer I was gone. It depends on the demographics, I'm sure.
  18. This is pretty much the answer I was searching for. I wasn't sure this was still the case.
    If things were different, I'd head to the bar at least one night a week to let off some steam.
    The computer could always wait.
  19. Looks like Smackdown could still be moving back to Thursdays, after all.
  20. If that is an Eastern Standard Time timeslot, then maybe so. Of course Smackdown could simply move to 7pm EST.
    If children are the target audience, I see no reason 7pm EST would be bad for children on a Friday night.
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