SmackDown/NXT/Superstars Spoilers 20/01/12

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Not watching because of Sheamus. will YouTube it and skip his parts.

    Bryna looks like he's getting a ton of heat. Brodus in a dance off? Bad move. At least Barret won but they refuse to let him win cleanly...
  2. Wade won, Bryan retained and is being an amazing heel by the sounds of it. Well that's the good the rest looks pretty poor from my perspective. Regal in a dance off is a big waste. Why not have him approach Bryan and tell him this isn't what he trained him to be? It makes sense, gives better matches then Show / Henry could dream of and will give better mic segments also. I don't like them giving away a tables match on TV especially when TLC was a month ago. It devalues the stipulation imo.
  3. Completely agreed.

    Also how does a table spot look painful when Sheamus apparently got put through one, gets up, and puts Mahal through one?

  4. That seems to be the problem with wrestling as a whole now sadly. We're that used to the constant high spots that simple psychology is lost. I blame the AE personally. Plus Sheamus is being groomed as the next John Cena and Vince can't let the fans feel sympathetic towards his top babyfaces for some unknown reason.
  5. Sigh. I'm so happy Sheamus is the "John Cena" on SmackDown, if he ever moved back to RAW I'm pretty sure I'd have to stop watching live. I literally can not stand him.

    I remember the days when you were put through a table, you were carried out on a stretcher. Commentators sold it as a legit injury, a legit massive thing.
  6. Ugh, more Sheamus? I'm not a hater or a fan, but I'm getting kinda sick of him being top dog all the time. You can tell he works out with HHH.
  7. He's been in random midcard squashes since his Christian feud. He's not even had a main event of smackdown as he?
  8. Think Sage means how he always comes out the winner, despite who he's against. I'm dreading the day he does have a main-event on SmackDown..
  9. Tamina's push is already getting dull. Way to screw it up WWE! WWE needs to start treating these girls right. :censored:
  10. She was getting a push? The WWE hasn't really cared for the divas for a long time as shown with the majority of women they hire.
  11. They need Kharma back, that's all.
  12. I'm not 100% Kharma will return, She has a baby due around Febuary/March and a wedding in June. Kharma is not going to want to be on the road full time anymore... I hope she can comeback part time and the WWE just do what they did with Jillian Hall and just keep her off house shows.

    But I don’t think a Kharma return is certain.
  13. Probably right, there was a return tease a few weeks ago though where she was reading an XMAS story. I'm just hoping for the latter, she misses the house shows.