SmackDown/NXT/Superstars Spoilers LIVE 01/13/2012

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Ryback? I assume Skip is returning with that gimmick. Is this a sign that WWE are finally giving people more qwerky gimmicks?

    Also, first promo sounds good for Bryan. Let's hope he doesn't drop the title to Big Slow.

    Edit: Rhodes cutting a promo sounds good, beating Ezekial Jackson sounds better. SmackDown knows how to build talent way better than RAW. As for Drew losing.. good news or bad news?
  2. Poor Riley :emoji_slight_frown:.

    Barrett on Superstars wtf? Sheamus wins yet again too -.-. No Barrett interaction at all? I'm worried.
  3. Looks like he did finally turn up, and cut a promo. I so hope Barrett isn't going to get buried with Sheamus next week.
  4. I don't understand why Drew will lose...
  5. Wade gets mic time,the Funkasauras is on again and D Bryan retains. Sounds like a decent show to me.
  6. It's a story-line. Drew will end up getting "fired" or something. Or do something drastic to keep his job, either way we'll be seeing an aggressive heel drew. I can't wait.

    They're the good parts. Seen the other bore fest of superstars on the show? SmackDown needs its injured superstars back ASAP. RAW Supershow is also killing SmackDown in my opinion. Too many WHC matches on SmackDown too, killing the prestige. Is this Big Show's 7th in a row or something now?
  7. I agree with the WHC comment however we've got Bryan getting promo time, cody getting promo time and winning a match,Gabriel and Slater seem to put on decent matches when ever they're together, even Ted and Drew could be decent from an in ring perspective. The only bad things I see is the main event and Jinder Mahal having a match which lets be honest will be short same as Otunga's match. So it looks like a decent week to me overall. Not outstanding but could enough.
  8. @[Crayo] That will make him look weak though..
  9. That's the point of the storyline Drew can't buy a win so then he snaps and goes on a winning streak. It's similar to when Kane wanted to be a monster again this past summer he needed to be injured for him to remask.
  10. Yeah, there's good and bad parts. Even if those guys are good in the ring, how entertaining is it watching someone you don't personally care about as they're on "Superstars" most weeks? But other than that it's a decent card with Cody and Wade getting promo time, Cody looking strong hopefully in his match, DB winning by heel ways again (let's hope it's not cowardly, which it probably is) but Sheamus squashing Mahal. Good and bad, I'll skip the slater, otunga/santino and Sheamus matches most probably. That's just personal preference. I'm all for good wrestling matches, but if there's no personality there it's just boring to me lol.

    He was screwed the first week, can't remember if he was with Santino. Think they're booking him as the guy who's unlucky and will snap when he loses his chance.