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    WWE taped the October 29th SmackDown episode from Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Here are the full SmackDown spoilers:​

    WWE SmackDown

    * SmackDown opens with a vignette of Bray Wyatt talking about The Undertaker and Kane. Their spirits are his fuel. Bray challenges any 3 Superstars to face his 3 monsters later tonight.

    * Roman Reigns comes out to a huge pop. He talks about obstacles and getting another shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Kevin Owens interrupts and says Reigns stole the Fatal 4 Way win on RAW.

    * Roman Reigns defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens by count out in a non-title match. This was said to be a pretty solid match with lots of "let's go Roman" chants. Reigns knocked Owens out of the ring with a Superman punch and Owens ran off through the crowd.

    * The Lucha Dragons defeated The Ascension, The Dudley Boyz and Sheamus & King Barrett in a multi-team match. The Dudleyz fought Barrett and Sheamus to the back while The Lucha Dragons got the pin on The Ascension. WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day were on commentary.

    * Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz in a Trick or Treat Street Fight. There were pumpkins and skeletons around the ring. They also had orange kendo sticks. Ziggler won a good match with a roll-up. After the match, Tyler Breeze came out and attacked Ziggler until the referees pulled them apart. Summer Rae was with him.

    * Paige defeated Natalya. Paige got a huge pop and they had another good match. Team BAD came out and distracted Natalya, leading to Paige winning with the RamPaige. After the match, Team BAD attacks Natalya until referees break it up.

    * WWE United States Champion Alberto Del Rio is out next with Zeb Colter, talking about their MexAmerica group. They say the title now represents both countries.

    * Alberto Del Rio defeated R-Truth in a non-title match. The crowd was in favor of Del Rio, probably 3-1. Del Rio won a squash with the top rope stomp.

    * Cesaro, Dean Ambrose and Ryback accept Bray Wyatt's challenge from earlier.

    * Braun Strowman, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan defeated Cesaro, Ryback and Dean Ambrose. Cesaro got a hot tag and the crowd went nuts. He hit uppercuts on all three opponents for a big pop. Harper ended up getting the pin for his team. Apparently The Wyatt Family carried Ryback away like they did with Kane and The Undertaker but he came back, or they tried to carry him away. Bray Wyatt was at ringside for the whole match and the end was very chaotic.

    Source: WrestlingInc
  2. Halloween themed SmackDown. Oh, joy!
  3. Boo Dallas was unBOlievable
  4. :ambrose2::cesaro: Love these two!
  5. Typical/10, usual mix of good and bad... Did I do that right, Prince?

    Yeah this show was a very schizophrenic show. Lots of good, lots of terrible, little in between.

    Before the long review garbage, aye Shadox that's an amazing color scheme you've got going there!!!

    Trick or treat! The show this week is opening with a... *sigh* dammit I thought we were past this, WWE. Why is Reigns doing the opening promo? Come on, WWE! You've been through 2 disasters on Raw and another promo that was so bad you cut it off the show! Have you not learned anything... yeesh, for the one like a week these reviews get you better be proud that I sit through segments like this just for you... *gulps* *presses play*...

    ...okay that wasn't that bad. :dawg: Reigns was rushing through his lines, probably a smart choice, but when he has someone to play off of he's got some potential in the long promo department - seemed like he enjoyed that line about "Lucky? A move that pretty? Nah, that was pure skill, son!"... Then they had a match that was pretty fun! Loved the beginning where they played off that line and Roman countered all of Owens's moves and made it look easy, before Owens had to go to the cheap tactic with kicking the rope as Roman was climbing in, and it felt earned... so while Roman came across as the better wrestler here (Seriously! Not kidding!) Owens wound up bringing the fight before he bailed, but the match was so good that I didn't mind that. Don't lose, Owens, lose.

    Oh geez how do I even begin to recap this :lol1: This was ALL OF THE BUYS! Dear WWE: Want 2 million Network subscribers? How about in December: "WWE TLC: With commentary provided by the New Day acting like the fucking Muppets for some reason". Thank you, New Day! :emoji_slight_smile: The other commentators just stopped trying two sentences in and there were dudes flying around the ring for 10 minutes while two grown men made beaker voices into the mic. This was everything Snow wanted out of a wrestling segment and then some... I mean, this segment was so cool that THE ASCENSION even did something cool. Yeah, those two dweebs apparently have one good combo move, who knew? Double whazzup spots, double dives, just watch this... Then at the end, Lawler mentioned how the Luchas should be next in line for a tag title shot and they ran after the New Day, so this segment full of chaos and stupidity even had a point. Yayayayayayay!

    Also awesome: Renee in a Tinkerbell outfit, Boo Dallas (the ghost of Bo after Lesnar killed him), and Dean Ambrose playing out his own Road to Wrestlemania on live TV. When you take this show on its own merits and imagining the Wyatts as legit swamp monsters instead of the same dudes we've been seeing for months, I love how the characters came across here. Ambrose was like "Yeah, I'll accept Bray's challenge, pfft, fear, whatevs dude, ain't got time for your cryptic bullshit" while Cesaro was like "dude, I'm Superman, I stopped rockets with my bare hands. I made Chuck Norris piss his pants in fear. Swamp monsters? Pffft". while Ryback's neanderthal brain is like "WEIGHTS. FOOD. YELLING. GRRR. FIGHT." and nobody's afraid of these dumb Wyatts. Wrestling is weird. Then the BEST THING EVER appeared at 4:30 of this video. @Leo C

    Or just wait for it in gif form, so I can sig it and the image link will break. Yay!

    Speaking of being easily amused: There is no such thing as a bad segment involving the Miz getting kicked in the face. Especially with a pumpkin on his head. On that basis alone (and nothing else) this street fight was a win, but I didn't know Tyler Breeze was so good at beatdowns. Huh.

    While I'm on the good stuff, lets fast forward to the main event which was quite fun with double hot tags and watching Ryback sell for the lulz. Not much to say here aside from Brown Snowman (legit don't know how to spell that dude's name) throwing a table 10 feet was sweet, and even while cheating watching Cesaro lose matches sucks hard, especially when this dude is giving effort like this - and connecting way more than anyone else - on throwaway holiday Smackdown matches nobody watches. But hey, last year he was getting DDT'ed with a pumpkin on his head, so... screw it, haha.

    And then, the bad stuff. There's the Divas segment that was incredibly lame... so they've been talking up how "we know you attacked Natalya, Paige" so Nattie gets a revenge match where nothing happens until the real attackers - the black cats, oooooh - show up and whoops here's a distraction rollup and... So they decided to end this dumb angle on a swerve for no reason? Maybe the whole idea is that Paige was right all along and she was wrongfully accused? Was she accused in the first place, I don't really remember... actually don't answer any of these questions, I really don't care. lol

    Speaking of not caring... I've tried defending this booking and it works in theory, but man that does not change that seeing ADR back is a real drag. Just... I can't be arsed to even write about it, lol.

    And that's Smackdown! :yay:
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  7. mmmhmm you post literally a minute after I click send. No way you read all of that text in that amount of time!
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  8. Oh yes, I did. :smug:
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  9. Aaand, it would've been a shame had that post gone without a positive rating. A very few people watch SD, so for you to write all that in a freakin' SD section is admirable!
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    Damn, I was totally expecting to have a moment to post edit that with the right Booker T quote. Wasn't sure if that deserved a "you gotta be kiddin' me" or a "tell me he did not just say that", or a harsher "What the heyul!!!??!!?!?!?!?!?"... maybe even just an "Oh shucky ducky" because why not?

    But I'll throw a WTH my way for expecting to WAIT for the dude who did a one-minute reply to 5,000 words about freaking Smackdown. Maybe you can have a Flash avatar next?

    Seriously though, while right now I'm having a lot of fun writing stuff like this - and watching SD tbh - it would likely be better to give more info on what segments were good and which ones weren't so other users can know what's really worth watching on SD, it would be more useful than this lol. Stuff like the New Day being jackasses on commentary or Ryback squashes or some of the other weird stuff I like isn't for everyone though, and it'll be nice to fill people in.

    But, as many people say to try to sound hip and cool and steal shit from podcasts, "if it happened on Smackdown it really didn't happen"... well if it happened on Raw, I can just see it via recaps anyway! :bodallas: So that show's the waste, not SD! #A-ShowReviewer #GetOnMyLevel #BoolieveThat #SaveTheBreeze
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  11. Henry still the GOAT.
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  12. You should've gone with "Shucky ducky", but too bad I'm too quick. lol

    Oh, hell no. I ain't changing this Finn avi anytime soon! Unless, you know, I find something cooler.

    Seriously, good job writing this SD review, as always.

    The New Day are always the highlight of WWE programming!

    I was pretty much skimming through this episode and the thing I loved the most was that backstage segment with Cesaro and Ambrose!
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  13. Legit or edited in?
  14. Yup, the crowd was hot for him.
  15. You know, I still don't get what's the deal with ADR not using the Cross Armbreaker as his finisher.
  16. They're saving it for the EVOLVE star
  17. You think so?

    Who could it be, Biff? 'cause I'm sure it ain't Swann.
  18. ZSJ ofc, it's only a matter of time.
  19. Sabre isn't exactly an EVOLVE star, imo, because he isn't there regularly.

    But anyways, Sabre has like a bunch of other holds he could tap someone out to. I just can't wrap my head around on what could be the reason ADR's stopped using the Cross Armbreaker as his finisher.

    And yeah, having Sabre in NXT would tickle my fancy.
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