Smackdown Rating 6/1: It Still Sucks.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. So apparently a WWE Championship Match doesn't draw anymore.

    All 3 shows sucked in the ratings this week.
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  3. I would've loved for TNA to get a high rating like 1.3 (for example) and for SD to get that 1.7. Then things could get interesting. Bad rating, but I tought the show was OK this week.
  4. Is there anywhere where i can see a list of the ratings for all of the past shows? I want to see how the ratings changed each week
  5. Sure, SD sucks and all... But why do people care about ratings? It's not like you work for wrestling companies and should be worried for your job or something...
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  6. Well said.

    I thought the show was decent, to be honest.
  7. Because they're the only source of optimism for WWE fans.

    The Raw rating last week was interesting because it could have been the spark that would get WWE UnCreative off their collective asses so they would actually write a show. We hope Impact can catch Smackdown so they have some semblance of competition.

    But this company is clearly a lost cause.
  8. I don't think anyone here legitimately worries and losing sleep over it. It's nice to follow it. If I'm pissed off at how bad RAW is yet it draws 400k fans in, then maybe my perception on the show is too negative. If I'm pissed off at RAW and it loses 400k fans and dips into mid 2's then yeah, RAW's product is currently sucky.

    It's just nice to analyse and discuss why and how ratings are decreasing or increasing. That's all. Also, as Rain said, if RAW's ratings are fucksucking then we can look forward to a better product in the near future.
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  9. I wonder how Smackdown's ratings will do now that it's live and on Mondays.
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  10. Poor SmackDown. They have to get off that crap network Syfy.
  11. To be honest I don't see it lasting too long. I'm sure we'll be seeing a brand merge eventually.
  12. I don't wan't a brand merge. That'd be like ripping out my childhood!
  13. I too was a SmackDown kid-mark when I was young, but it's diabolical now. Perhaps if they just got rid of Sheamful, Show and Orton permanently and have actual story-lines it can be revived.
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